Thursday, April 24, 2014

~[REVIEW]:Lorea'l Excellence Wild Ombre Hair Kit No.2~

Recently the color Ombre has been talk of the town.
From hair to lips and nails,we have observed the Ombre trend.
Lately L'oreal Paris introduced the first Ombre hair color home kits in Pakistan.I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the product to try.Here is my review on the DIY kit.


L’Oréal Paris Excellence Wild Ombrés combines lightening cream technology and a care complex with nutria-ceramides and Hi-Shine for customized results and lustrous, silky hair. It includes a patented expert brush that allows for easy, customizable Ombré looks from subtle and sexy to bold with the tools to only color parts of your hair that you desire. It is specifically designed to create the ultimate two tone look from the comfort of one’s home and is as easy to apply as brushing one’s hair. 

For a couple of months I have been thinking about changing my hair color.Its been more than a year I had light ash brown highlights.Those highlights now have started to fade away.As I am also a busy mommy so making a plan and then going to the salon to get a new look was a little hard.So the answer to my problems came as I got this box with everything to get the Ombre effect at home.
There's everything in it that makes hair dyeing at home possible.It has the usual things like the creme and the developer along with the gloves.
The additional tool that makes the process easy is this brush that they call the Expert Brush.
It consists of:
1.Lightening Powder
2.Developer Cream
3.Lightening Cream
4.Conditioning Shampoo
5.Expert Brush
6.Pair of Gloves
an Instruction brochure
The process is really easy.You have to combine the 1 & 3 into the bottle numbered 2 that is the squeeze bottle with the nosal..Shake it really well.The hair should be dry and parted into sections.You can use hair catchers and pins to secure the rest of the hair at the top of your head.If you are a regular follower of my blog and page you would be knowing that I am a naturally curly girl & I am still learing to manage my wild curls.I conditioned my hair and used a big tooth conditioning comb to make my hair tangle free and easy to manage while dyeing.

Make sure that the hair is completely dry when you apply the dye & the gloves are on.Squeeze some mixture between the spaces of the toothed expert brush and start at the lower tips of the hair.Gradually start building up the color in the parted sections.I noticed that the mixture is totally white and it doesnt transfer onto clothes.Its completely mess free process.I thought at first that it would be difficult to apply at home but no I was completely amazed.The process was very easy,mess and hassle free.
The quantity of the product is also quite good enough.I was satisfied with the quantity that I applied into my hair.I let the mixture remain in my hair for about 30-35 minutes from the start of application.
Before Dyeing my hair(my highlights fading away)

With Wild Ombre Hair dye applied to my hair
After letting it stay for half an hour I removed the dye from my hair with luke warm water while the gloves still on the hands.Once the hair is dye free and clean,shampoo it with the included conditioning shampoo.I let it dry naturally as I prefer natural drying for my curls rather than blow drying.
Here is the end result!

I am totally loving the color that developed into my hair.Its neither very brassy neither orange.I would rather call this shade honey brown hair.I was expecting a lighter shade than this but then I was also fearing that It would get very light.But in the end I am completely happy and satisfied with what I achieved.May be down the line I would experiment with the No.3 kit that is lighter than this one i.e is No.2.My hair was extremely soft and my curls manageable after the wash.
Give it a try if you want to experiment with the Ombre look.
Its available nationwide at L'oreal counters and for online orders at
Its priced at Rs.1200/- per kit which I think is very reasonable for what you get as a result.Also as compared at what you pay at the hair saloon its very reasonable.
For more details visit their Facebook page here:L'oreal Pakistan
Have you tried the Ombre color yet?
What do you think of this trend?
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

~[REVIEW & SWATCHES]: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes Natural Beauty & Tipsy~

This year is the year of blusher loving for me.
Already included 2 Tarte,2 Nars and 1 benefit blushes in my collection along with Sleek's Blush by 3 palette in Californ.i.a
I have eyed Tarte products forever and suddenly when an aunt was coming from Canada I knew what I wanted her to bring.
The first two Tarte beauties that I now proudly own are

A long-wearing, supremely soft blush infused with Amazonian clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun.
Product Performance: This 12-hour blush universally benefits all skin types for a fade-free, flawless finish in shades ranging from soft to vivid and matte to shimmer to suit a wide variety of skin tones.
Powered By: Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place while also hydrating the skin naturally to restore moisture, reducing the appearance of dry, flaky skin.

The blushers come boxed in these plastic envelope type boxes on which the details about the shades and ingredients is written.Each blush on has a different color case according to the color of the blush inside.As you can see here the Natural beauty is a lovely strawberry red and Tipsy is Coral packaging.
The cases itself are made of plastic that ensure a clasp lid to close.They wont open very easily so you can easily throw it in your bag and be carefree about it.The mirrors inside the blushons are also good to go as you don't have to depend on any other cosmetic mirror.

Its easier to pick your desired shade when you are in a hurry.The blushes are embossed with the lovely amazon river and the forest around it.It gives you the feel of presence of Amazonian Clay in it definitely.
These are matte shades.Natural beauty is a lovely strawberry red shade.Its important to mention here that this is my first red blush.I have seen deeper shades in NYX but still this appealed to me so much.Its very true to its name.Just a swipe and there you are naturally radiant looking.Its very very pigmented & may look too much on the first swipe but no its much more beautiful when blended & worn properly.

The other one is Tipsy.Its a matte Coral shade.As much as I hate coral lipsticks I adore coral blushes.This is the coral blush for me this summers.This is the type of blush that you can wear according to your mood.Either you can blend it and achieve a subtle look or build it up for a brighter look.I can already see myself wearing a lot of Tipsy in summers.
Though the blushes clam to have a 12 hr staying power but I have seen them lasting a good amount of 8 hours maximum.May be its my skin type i.e oily.I have tried applying these with both a blush brush and my fingers.They blend extremely well with fingers as well just like a cream blusher.All of the available shades are pretty & one can't help but within one's heart to own each one of them.The presence of amazonian clay keeps oil of the face and is specially good for people having oily skin like me.
Here are some more pictures of the packaging for you.
Swatches are here.No primer is used underneath these.
                                             Left is Natural Beauty & right is Tipsy
I definitely have more shades on my wishlist now.I am literally in love with Tarte blushes.They are worth the price.
Captivating and Amused may be my next ones.
These can be bought at Sephora or from
For orders within Pakistan ,you can pre order at Beauty Hub,Rouge & couple of other Facebook wholesale retailers.
They are priced at $26,which may seem a lot for a blush but then a tarte blush is no less than a NARS one.Its worth the price you pay.So manny good things about it.One must definitely give these a try & once you try them you will be hooked just like me.
What is your current favourite blush?
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

~NOTD:I found my Radiant Orchid in Catrice's Lucky in Lilac~

So Girls you must have heard the name Radiant Orchid A lot since 2014 started.
Yes it is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014:
“An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”
I have been on the look out for a Radiant Orchid shade for my nails ever since.
I got Lucky when I came across Catrice's Lucky in Lilac nail color.
This is my Radiant Orchid nail color for this year.
Isn't it beautiful.
Its also a lovely shade to be worn in spring and summers.

As I always mention I am a huge fan of Catrice nail colors.
The formula and texture is amazing.I have applied 2 coats of the nail color without any base or top coat.
I bought this for Rs.490 from Hayee's Jinnah Super Islamabad.
Have you tried Catrice Nail colors?
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

~[Review]-Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks:Rosebud,Smokin Hot Pink,Sugar Plum Fairy~

Recently I did a Lipstick haul.Today I decided to swatch some of them.Two of them were Wet n Wild Mega last lipsticks.Previously I owned one more Wet n Wild Lipsticks.So today I am presenting a review of these 3 lipsticks along with detailed swatches.

These three lipsticks are:
~Rose Bud
~Smokin' Hot Pink
~Sugar Plum Fairy
These Wet n Wild Lipsticks are a favourite among bloggers and makeup holics since they are very affordable and the results are too good considering the price.The range of colors available also makes it hard to choose what you want.These are matte lipsticks and they last around 4-5 hours effectively if you choose to eat/drink less.Otherwise you can always re apply it after you are finished with your lunch/dinner.
It is advisable to use a lip balm before applying it otherwise they tend to get somewhat dry & flaky.These are super pigmented lipstciks as you can see here for yourself.
Here is a single swatch of these lipsticks on my wrist without any primer underneath.
The best thing about these lipstick is that they don't bleed and can be used with out a lipliner.I am not a lipliner fan so these are easy for me to handle.The application is also very smooth and creamy.They glide very easy and I just can't stop loving them enough.They also do
The only thing that is somewhat problematic is the packaging.One has to be really careful taking off the cap and putting it back because the whole lipstick bullet doesn't fit back inside the tube.Some part is always visible so it can easily come off with the cap.
I am loving my shades but still I want to order so many more next time.
The shades that I have got are
Here are swatches on my lips indoors and outdoors without lipliner or primer.

Rosebud: Its a medium rose pink shade and is super pretty to be  worn everyday.Its my go to lipstick since I got it!
Smokin' Hot Pink: Its a medium hot pink shade.Its not very bright and is also great for everyday wear.
Sugar Plum Faiey: Dark plum shade- Also a very Good dupe for MAC Rebel
For the MAC Rebel Dupe Post Click here
I got my Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks from Lush Grooming Bargains for Rs.520 each.
Unfortunately these aren't available in stores but only through online order.
Do you own any Wet n Wild Mega Lipsticks.
Which colors are on your wishlist?
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

~NOTD:Catrice 610 Ashley~

Weekend is here
Time to have some fun:Fun for busy moms like me is sometimes trying a new nail color!
Recently I bought couple of new nail colors from Catrice.
I previously owned two Catrice Nail colors Jade is not my name & Welcome to Roosywood.I bought these in summers of 2013 and still the formula is like brand new.No thickening,no drying.Thats why I thought of buying some more Catrice nail colors.I love their colors & formula as well.
One of the two nail shades that I bought was Ashley.I fell in love with this light grey creme shade.Pastels are the colors these days so why not wear this pastel grey.I am loving it so much.

In Daylight

In white light
I have applied 2 coats of the nail color 2 achieve this look.
Its very quick drying as well.
I bought this for Rs.490 from Hayee's Jinnah Super Islamabad.
Have you tried Catrice Nail colors?
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Amazing Sigma Deals@The Haute Shop - Beauty, Fashion & Accessories

*Sigma Beauty AH-Mazing limited time offer♥
 For the first time ever being offered!! 
Get this precision kit at original price !!*

Have you always dreamed of getting sigma brushes at original company price. High international shipping price holds you back? Don't hold yourself back anymore!!

Price: Rs. 4770 ($57 original company price,On sale right now at $46)
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You don't want to miss this chance.
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*Haute Shop is an authorized retailer for Sigma Beauty in Pakistan.
*Details of each brush here:
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For orders email at
or inbox on their  Facebook page:The Haute Shop

~This is a Paid Guest Post~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

~My Latest Lipstick Haul:Wet N Wild,NYX & MAC ~

March is gone but it was the month of buying and ordering lipsticks.
As I ordered most of these through a trusted online page,I received them in March's end so now I am doing a post about my haul!
Yes these are my newest lipsticks.
The brands are Wet n Wild,NYX & ofcourse MAC!
This post doesn't include swatches as its only a haul post.Stay tuned for swatches soon.
Ok so now for what I got :
The ones that I ordered online are
~Wet n Wild mega last Matte lip cover Smokin Hot Pink Rs.520/-
~Wet n Wild mega last Matte lip cover Rose Bud Rs.520/-
~NYX round lipstick TWIST Rs.650/-
~NYX round lipstick B52 Rs.650/-
These I ordered from Lush Grooming Bargains.I love shopping from this page & completely trust it with my heart for its originality and management.
The next two are MAC lipsticks & I bought these from Shams Islamabad.
~ MAC Gem of Roses-Lustre finish Rs.2280/-
~ MAC Hot Gossip- Cremesheen finish Rs.2280/-
These 2 make my budding MAC lipstick collection reach 7 lipsticks.
Here are my other mac lipsticks 
Lets have a look at what I have hauled.
Here are the Wet n Wild ones:

The NYX ones:

& finally the MAC ones...

Girls do you enjoy haul posts?
What did you haul last?What is your favourite brand when it comes to lipsticks.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

~Review:Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner in Ultra Black~

So girls the search for more and more make up and awesome products goes on.
I have a thing for eye liners specially black so I am usually on the lookout for something worth buying.Recently I saw this pencil by Maybelline and the testing at the counter made me want it badly.So here it is.Lets see what it is like.Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands.
Winner of Best Eyeliner at the Cosmpolitan Beauty Awards 2012.

Add some drama to your eyes with Maybelline New York Master Drama Khol Liner in ultra black.

Cream technology, smooth glide, colour intensity.

16 hour hold.

Before I came across this kohl pencil I was using Scandal Eyes by Rimmel.I loved it until suddenly it turned dry.I love something that is intense and creamy.This is the current answer to my demands.It glides smoothly on the skin.Its very creamy in texture and the pigmentation is the best.I am currently wearing it on my waterline but I have tried it on both my upper lid and lashline as well.It does work well as a kajal and an eyeliner both.
It claims 16 Hours hold.To be honest I havent tried it for that long period until now.But it stays there without budging for a usual night out or day out for good 7-8 hours.I have had no irritation using it.I love its easy application.You really don't need to be a professional to use this pencil.Its such an easy task to create kohl rimmed eyes with this liner due to its soft tip.
Here are some  swatches
The upper one is single swatched while the lower one is double swatched.
Can you not go gaga at this amount of pigmentation.I am just loving it.
Oh I forgot to mention its also great for tightlining your eyes.Its a multi functional kohl pencil.Just keep it in your make up pouch and forget about any other extra eyeliners.It can work as your kajal,your eye liner hence an amazing product.
Its also waterproof.I washed my face when I returned back.It didnt come off until I took it off with a makeup remover.

Here are my eyes tightlined with Master Drama,one stroke on the lower lash line and upper eye lid as well.
I have used Bourjois Counter Clubbing Bleu Neon underneath it.
Look at the tightlining effect!
The only thing that I don't like about it is that this kohl liner has to be sharpened after a couple of applications.
I have tried to sharpen it with my Stageline sharpener but this was the only good end result I could achieve.
I guess I need a new sharpener now!
The good thing about it is that it didn't trandsfer on my oily upper eye lids as the Colossal kajal used to.I am happy with this liner and most probably will buy it again.
I bought it for Rs.750 at Al Fateh Centaurus Mall Islamabad.
You can buy this at any Maybelline Counter or order it online at J4G.
Have you used this or any other Maybelline pencils?
Thanks a lot for stopping by.

Any comments and questions are welcome
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