Monday, April 14, 2014

~[Review]-Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks:Rosebud,Smokin Hot Pink,Sugar Plum Fairy~

Recently I did a Lipstick haul.Today I decided to swatch some of them.Two of them were Wet n Wild Mega last lipsticks.Previously I owned one more Wet n Wild Lipsticks.So today I am presenting a review of these 3 lipsticks along with detailed swatches.

These three lipsticks are:
~Rose Bud
~Smokin' Hot Pink
~Sugar Plum Fairy
These Wet n Wild Lipsticks are a favourite among bloggers and makeup holics since they are very affordable and the results are too good considering the price.The range of colors available also makes it hard to choose what you want.These are matte lipsticks and they last around 4-5 hours effectively if you choose to eat/drink less.Otherwise you can always re apply it after you are finished with your lunch/dinner.
It is advisable to use a lip balm before applying it otherwise they tend to get somewhat dry & flaky.These are super pigmented lipstciks as you can see here for yourself.
Here is a single swatch of these lipsticks on my wrist without any primer underneath.
The best thing about these lipstick is that they don't bleed and can be used with out a lipliner.I am not a lipliner fan so these are easy for me to handle.The application is also very smooth and creamy.They glide very easy and I just can't stop loving them enough.They also do
The only thing that is somewhat problematic is the packaging.One has to be really careful taking off the cap and putting it back because the whole lipstick bullet doesn't fit back inside the tube.Some part is always visible so it can easily come off with the cap.
I am loving my shades but still I want to order so many more next time.
The shades that I have got are
Here are swatches on my lips indoors and outdoors without lipliner or primer.

Rosebud: Its a medium rose pink shade and is super pretty to be  worn everyday.Its my go to lipstick since I got it!
Smokin' Hot Pink: Its a medium hot pink shade.Its not very bright and is also great for everyday wear.
Sugar Plum Faiey: Dark plum shade- Also a very Good dupe for MAC Rebel
For the MAC Rebel Dupe Post Click here
I got my Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks from Lush Grooming Bargains for Rs.520 each.
Unfortunately these aren't available in stores but only through online order.
Do you own any Wet n Wild Mega Lipsticks.
Which colors are on your wishlist?
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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  1. lovely!! we got this here too but kinda pricey!

  2. Makes me ask myself, "why dont I just go ahead and buy some wnw lippies?"

  3. Very pretty shades....I am also going to place an order for these lippies next the swatches......xoxoxo....^_^

  4. Your swatches are very good. I always enjoy reading your posts.



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