Friday, April 25, 2014

~[REVIEW]:Lorea'l Excellence Wild Ombre Hair Kit No.2~

Recently the color Ombre has been talk of the town.
From hair to lips and nails,we have observed the Ombre trend.
Lately L'oreal Paris introduced the first Ombre hair color home kits in Pakistan.I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the product to try.Here is my review on the DIY kit.


L’Oréal Paris Excellence Wild Ombrés combines lightening cream technology and a care complex with nutria-ceramides and Hi-Shine for customized results and lustrous, silky hair. It includes a patented expert brush that allows for easy, customizable Ombré looks from subtle and sexy to bold with the tools to only color parts of your hair that you desire. It is specifically designed to create the ultimate two tone look from the comfort of one’s home and is as easy to apply as brushing one’s hair. 

For a couple of months I have been thinking about changing my hair color.Its been more than a year I had light ash brown highlights.Those highlights now have started to fade away.As I am also a busy mommy so making a plan and then going to the salon to get a new look was a little hard.So the answer to my problems came as I got this box with everything to get the Ombre effect at home.
There's everything in it that makes hair dyeing at home possible.It has the usual things like the creme and the developer along with the gloves.
The additional tool that makes the process easy is this brush that they call the Expert Brush.
It consists of:
1.Lightening Powder
2.Developer Cream
3.Lightening Cream
4.Conditioning Shampoo
5.Expert Brush
6.Pair of Gloves
an Instruction brochure
The process is really easy.You have to combine the 1 & 3 into the bottle numbered 2 that is the squeeze bottle with the nosal..Shake it really well.The hair should be dry and parted into sections.You can use hair catchers and pins to secure the rest of the hair at the top of your head.If you are a regular follower of my blog and page you would be knowing that I am a naturally curly girl & I am still learing to manage my wild curls.I conditioned my hair and used a big tooth conditioning comb to make my hair tangle free and easy to manage while dyeing.

Make sure that the hair is completely dry when you apply the dye & the gloves are on.Squeeze some mixture between the spaces of the toothed expert brush and start at the lower tips of the hair.Gradually start building up the color in the parted sections.I noticed that the mixture is totally white and it doesnt transfer onto clothes.Its completely mess free process.I thought at first that it would be difficult to apply at home but no I was completely amazed.The process was very easy,mess and hassle free.
The quantity of the product is also quite good enough.I was satisfied with the quantity that I applied into my hair.I let the mixture remain in my hair for about 30-35 minutes from the start of application.
Before Dyeing my hair(my highlights fading away)

With Wild Ombre Hair dye applied to my hair
After letting it stay for half an hour I removed the dye from my hair with luke warm water while the gloves still on the hands.Once the hair is dye free and clean,shampoo it with the included conditioning shampoo.I let it dry naturally as I prefer natural drying for my curls rather than blow drying.
Here is the end result!

I am totally loving the color that developed into my hair.Its neither very brassy neither orange.I would rather call this shade honey brown hair.I was expecting a lighter shade than this but then I was also fearing that It would get very light.But in the end I am completely happy and satisfied with what I achieved.May be down the line I would experiment with the No.3 kit that is lighter than this one i.e is No.2.My hair was extremely soft and my curls manageable after the wash.
Give it a try if you want to experiment with the Ombre look.
Its available nationwide at L'oreal counters and for online orders at
Its priced at Rs.1200/- per kit which I think is very reasonable for what you get as a result.Also as compared at what you pay at the hair saloon its very reasonable.
For more details visit their Facebook page here:L'oreal Pakistan
Have you tried the Ombre color yet?
What do you think of this trend?
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
Any comments and questions are welcome
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  1. Awesome dear .. love the results on you .. though hate it on myself :(

  2. looks lovely! i will try the more lighter version as i got the blackest of black hair and lets see how that goes :)

  3. that looks nice on you. You have great hair MA :)

  4. cant wait to try it out:) love your curls <3

  5. Love the results....You hair look amazing....Love your curls as I was once mad after curly^_^

  6. Love ur blog....but one thing i want to say that the quality of picture you post in ur review is not good enough...i mean to say the colors do not show up correctly (or i might feel that to me only) when compared to other may be ur camera setting or light problem...

  7. ive always wanted to ombre and this seems like the perfect solution! heres to hoping i actually gather the courage to do it lol. love the look on you :)

  8. Seems my cup of tea , impressing ll try it soon its all omber dumber everywhr these days x

  9. Looking NAICE <3 Good Job!

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  11. I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish |

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