Monday, May 5, 2014

~Review: Princess Pinky Eclipse Series Green lenses @ Pinky Paradise~

This is not the first time I am reviewing circle lenses.Its been several times I reviewed a pair of circle lenses.But these circle lenses are special as they are the first ones being launched by the Pinky Paradise store itself.I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of review.
I ordered the green ones out of the 6 available shades.

This gorgeous series enlarges your eyes with a shimmering layer of color around the iris giving you instant dolly look and glowing eye just like an eclipse. They come in six colors, brown,pinkvioletbluegreen and grey.
These lenses reached me around 7 days after these were shipped from Malaysia.The glass vials that contained the lenses were wrapped up in foam be kept safe on their long journey.

DIAMETER: 14.5mm
Validity:1 year

Along came a lovely container with elephant shaped lids on it that I loved.I broke the safety seals and placed them in the containers after filling them with lens solution.Be really careful while going through this process as the sides of the seal are really sharp.

They are a very pretty green.
Soak them in solution for couple of hours before wearing them.

Its been quite a while since I opted for green lenses.Usually I love grey and hazel because they suit me a lot.But when I got the option to choose a shade from the eclipse series I wanted something new!So I ordered green ones.I didnt knew if they would look good on me or not.But luckily they did.The black inner circle merges into the brown color of my iris and the outer black line also doesn't seem very harsh when the lenses are worn.Overall they look pretty decent to me.
The comfort level of these lenses is also 100%.As they are a new product by Pinky Paradise itself I was fearing that they wouldn't do very well.But no,Pinky Paradise thumbs up for your launch.They are very comfortable to wear and didn't irritate me once even in a period of 7-8 hours.Also they dont cause dryness.
As the circle lenses are known for the enlargement '' Dolly eyed '' effect these also increase the size of the iris .I have used circle lenses upto 16 mm diameter that give maximum enlargement.These ones are in the mid neither very fake looking neither real.These are good for everyday make up looks and also specialized character ones.Yes they do give the Dolly eye effect to the eye.


If you want your lenses to last longer special care should be taken while cleaning and taking off the lenses.Sometimes I am too tired to take out the lens and clean it properly.This is not a good thing.
Overall I am totally loving these new lenses and looking forward to wearing them in summers.Green lenses for spring and summers:The thought gives me a splash of freshness.
They are available with and without prescription too.
These are for $28.90 at Pinky Paradise
You can visit Pinky Paradise here & on Facebook you can find them here
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  2. Nicely reviewed
    Looks beautiful on u
    Following u

  3. Green contacts look so good on you. x

  4. great, circle lenses r so in these days! i wish they were available in Pakistan too



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