Saturday, August 30, 2014

~NOTD: Catrice's Nail Lacquer Fuchsiarama~

Previously two new nail colors were included in my nail polish collection.But I didnt get a chance to try these nail shades.Catrice brand is my favourite for nail colors.I love their formula.In every Catrice Nail post I mention how much I love them.So my sister in law knew that if she has to gift me some nail color she has to give me Catrice !
Presenting one of the two nail colors that she got me for previous Eid.

Isn't it pretty!
Its called 01 Fuchsiarama
The nail color appears quite opaque is the first application and 2 coats make it just workable finished with a top coat.The thing I love best about Catrice Nail colors is that they don't chip for nearly 4-5 days and remain as fresh as ever.Fuchsiarama as the name suggests is a lovely fuchsia pink.
I feel like they have changed the shape of the brush as well.Its somewhat round and slightly wider than the older versions.
Here are links to all other Catrice nail shades that I have:
~Lucky in Lilac
~Welcome to Roosywood
~Jade is not my name
Have you tried Catrice Nail colors?Which is your favorite brand for nail colors?
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

~Review & Swatches:Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 ~

Now this item had made its way onto my wishlist for quite some time.When I asked the sweet girls at AMOR if they had them from the open house sale & they answered Yes I told them to reserve it for me.This is a must have for any makeupholic like me.This Ocho Loco 2 was released as a sequel set to the Original Ocho Loco in 2013.This set consists of 5 new shades and 3 from the permanent line.Ocho Loco means 'Crazy Eight' in Spanish!
Lets have a look at the beauty
The pack consists of 8 full sized Urban Decay eye liners that retail at $20 each along with Grindhouse,the eye pencil sharpener that alone retails for $10 on Sephora & Urban decay sites.

So as a full package this was a set not to be missed.Its been only a couple of weeks I got this but I am already loving the shades.The eyeliner pencils present in Ocho Loco 2 are
~CRAVE:deepest, darkest brown-black matte
~TWICE BAKED:rich brown satin with gold micro-sparkle
~ROACH: deep copper brown shimmer
~MARS:bright metallic green shimmer
~PERVERSION:blackest black matte.
~ULTRAVIOLET:bright blue-violet shimmer
~TORNADO:bark eggplant pearl
~DEEP END:bright metallic peacock shimmer

Swatches of the shades on my hand without any primer beneath:
Here are how they look on my eyes.There is no primer used on the eyes as well.The eye liners are swatched directly on the eyes.I did these swatches within some minutes so they may not be very neat.
Started with naked eyes(How Urban Decayish)

Then tightlined the eyes with PERVERSION
PERVERSION is literally the queen of all black pencils.Its the blackest black I have seen.Its a must have for everyone who loves black eye pencils.
Next I glided ULTRAVIOLET on the upper eye lid.It glided as easily as butter,They are super soft to apply and easy to work with.
Next I swatched TORNADO on the lower line.I will add here that Tornado is the least pigmented shade of all.There After 2-3 swatches it might turn ok.But still its a lovely purple.

Lets move onto the second eye I swatched DEEP END on the upper eyelid.
And MARS on the lower eyelid.
The rest of the three shades Crave,Twice Baked & Roach I only swatched on the hand.
I am so very happy that I invested in this lovely set & ofcourse I was lucky to have it as it is a Limited Edition as well.The pencils are super soft and pigmented and the colors are also amazing.
Perversion,ultraviolet & Deep end are my favorite among the lot.They can be sharpened easily with the grindhouse or any other eyeliner sharpener.
They are waterproof & have a very impressive staying power.They dont budge an inch all day!They also didn't irritate my eyes.What else can one ask for!
I am looking forward to using these eyeliners and creating beautiful eye make up looks with them.If you buy 8 UD eye liners separately they will cost you $160 but this is a super deal as it was for $59 -
I bought it from AMOR for Rs.4900 on Sale.They normally sell it for Rs.5200.
If you want to buy any of these or any other of the 39 awesome shades that UD has to offer you can always check Sephora or order through the different trustworthy pages that are taking orders.
Currently HASH is taking Sephorah orders.So you may order your wishlist eyeliner through them.
Which is your current favorite eyeliner?
Do you like any of these one from Ocho Loco 2?
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Friday, August 22, 2014

~Collective Summerlicious Haul~

In the recent one and a half month I have done quite some shopping but haven't been able to share them with you people.So now I thought about collecting them all from here and there and present you an haul post.I love haul posts and I am sure you guys do too.
A trip to Shams,a trip to Centaurus & some online shopping got me this stuff!

From Shams Islamabad:

MAC Candy Yum Yum (Finally off my wishlist): Rs.2625
Essential Burt's Bees' Kit:Rs.2395
Victoria Secret's Moonlight Kiss Hand & Body Cream:Rs.1395
Bioderma Sensibio H20:Rs.950
Neutrogena Make up Remover:Rs.350
From Centaurus Islamabad
Al Fateh
MAC Kinda Sexy ( Yay-finally I got my hands on this beauty too): Rs.2100
DMGM Photo fix Coral Cameo: Rs.1020
The Body Shop:
TBS Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream:Rs.1450
TBS Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub:Rs.1490
TBS Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner:Rs.1290
& from AMOR

The Balm Nude Tude Palette:Rs.2900
The Balm Mary Lou Manizer:Rs.2000
Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2(In love with these already):Rs.4900
& some presents

Did you enjoy my haul post?What have you bought lately?
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Monday, August 11, 2014

~Review & Swatches:Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick Shade 761~

I am not new to this brand called Sweet Touch but I have also not used many of their products.I remember having one of their lipsticks long ago but have totally forgotten what it was like.Recently I was sent a care package with a lipstick, nail polish and mascara in it.Here is my review of the  mascara.Lets see how I find this lipstick.

Sweet Touch Matte Lipsticks have radiant colors that infuse lips with lasting moisture and fulness.Lips have never looked so all day sensuous.Available in 61 jaw dropping shades.
Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick shade 761
Sweet Touch Matte Lipstick shade 761
The packaging is like any other normal lipstick.Quite sturdy and closing with a click.So no worry about accidental opening and messing up.The lower side has the number of shade mentioned upon it.The color of the lipstick container is a lovely dark fuchsia shade that is appealing to the eyes.
The lipstick looks very creamy in the tube.Even swatching it on the wrist it feels creamy.But when applied on the lips its dry.The best result could be achieved after applying a lip balm underneath.It helps in reducing the dryness.The shade is very pretty.On different lips it may appear different because some people have less and some have more pigmented lips.Its a beautiful coral pink shade with a tendency to appear different in different lights.Corals are a lot in these days so this is a very go to lipstick these days.
A perfect summer shade it is.
Here are some swatches on my lips in different lights

The staying power is a good 4-5 hours depending on the fact that you don't eat/drink much.A freshening/touch up is needed after this much time.
Overall its a good everyday lipstick in a reasonable price that is Rs.290
Price may vary at different places or drugstores but should not be more than Rs.400
They say they got 61 shades.I would love to explore more of their shades too.
Available at all make up and drugstores nationwide.
For more details visit their Facebook page
Have you tried Sweet Touch cosmetics?
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

~Review:Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Cake Powder~

New product launches are the most exciting thing a beauty blogger can experience.Recently Maybelline NewYork launched a new Face powder.I was sent a sample for review.Its been a while I have used it so I feel like its the right time to review it.
~A few lines about the product~
At Maybelline New York, it’s all about setting the right trends with the best possible formulas; the To Go version of Clear Smooth All in One Cake Powder embraces this: It is the ultimate protecting, perfecting skin shield and is ideal for summer, especially for girls on the go!
Designed to protect, brighten and control oil for flawless, matte skin all day, the Maybelline New York All in One convenient compact Cake Powder  & comes in 6 different shades. 
~What I have to say about the product~
The shade that I got in my mail is 01 Light.As I looked at the shade I had the feeling that it would give me a very chalky look.But on using the powder I was satisfied as it blends into my skin tone and doesn't give me that ghost white face.The packaging of this To-Go version is really light.Its so small,really.I believe it can even fit into your mobile pouch(provided its empty).A small mirror is glued to the round top that I don't think is of any use as its too small to look in.A full size one would have done better.It also comes with a sponge but I never really use a sponge for applying face powder.Its always with a brush.

The experience with the face powder is better than I thought.I primed my face and apply the powder directly without a foundation and still its good enough.I have oily skin and after a couple of hours of make up application I need to freshen up my makeup.Similar is the case with this face powder.After around4 hours I need to reapply my face powder.Though the time it is there it does give me shine free face and a brighter looking tone.
Here is how my face is prior and after using Maybelline's Clear Smooth All in one  face powder

Can you spot the effect the powder gives ne in a few minutes...Yes it conceals the dullness and gives a bright appearance to my face.
This cake powder claims All day Shine control: Yes it does control shine but with continuous applications.
UV protection: Yes SPF !
Fairer Skin:Sudden difference is visible
Conceals:Not majorly
Long wear: Not much
Smoothes: Yes
Evens: Yes
Non comedogenic: I believe Yes,because its very light on the skin and didn't irritate my skin.
Gentle on Skin:Yes
Overall I am fairly impressed by this product.Its worth its price.A must have product for everyday use as its travel and pocket friendly.Ofcourse you would not want to use high end face powders in everyday make up routine.This compact fills in the need of a good budget friendly face powder for daily use.
This TO-GO is available for Rs.250 at Maybelline Counters nationwide whearas the bigger one is for Rs.575.For further details you can vist their Facebook page
What is your favourite face powder?Which one are you currently using?
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