Thursday, August 28, 2014

~Review & Swatches:Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 ~

Now this item had made its way onto my wishlist for quite some time.When I asked the sweet girls at AMOR if they had them from the open house sale & they answered Yes I told them to reserve it for me.This is a must have for any makeupholic like me.This Ocho Loco 2 was released as a sequel set to the Original Ocho Loco in 2013.This set consists of 5 new shades and 3 from the permanent line.Ocho Loco means 'Crazy Eight' in Spanish!
Lets have a look at the beauty
The pack consists of 8 full sized Urban Decay eye liners that retail at $20 each along with Grindhouse,the eye pencil sharpener that alone retails for $10 on Sephora & Urban decay sites.

So as a full package this was a set not to be missed.Its been only a couple of weeks I got this but I am already loving the shades.The eyeliner pencils present in Ocho Loco 2 are
~CRAVE:deepest, darkest brown-black matte
~TWICE BAKED:rich brown satin with gold micro-sparkle
~ROACH: deep copper brown shimmer
~MARS:bright metallic green shimmer
~PERVERSION:blackest black matte.
~ULTRAVIOLET:bright blue-violet shimmer
~TORNADO:bark eggplant pearl
~DEEP END:bright metallic peacock shimmer

Swatches of the shades on my hand without any primer beneath:
Here are how they look on my eyes.There is no primer used on the eyes as well.The eye liners are swatched directly on the eyes.I did these swatches within some minutes so they may not be very neat.
Started with naked eyes(How Urban Decayish)

Then tightlined the eyes with PERVERSION
PERVERSION is literally the queen of all black pencils.Its the blackest black I have seen.Its a must have for everyone who loves black eye pencils.
Next I glided ULTRAVIOLET on the upper eye lid.It glided as easily as butter,They are super soft to apply and easy to work with.
Next I swatched TORNADO on the lower line.I will add here that Tornado is the least pigmented shade of all.There After 2-3 swatches it might turn ok.But still its a lovely purple.

Lets move onto the second eye I swatched DEEP END on the upper eyelid.
And MARS on the lower eyelid.
The rest of the three shades Crave,Twice Baked & Roach I only swatched on the hand.
I am so very happy that I invested in this lovely set & ofcourse I was lucky to have it as it is a Limited Edition as well.The pencils are super soft and pigmented and the colors are also amazing.
Perversion,ultraviolet & Deep end are my favorite among the lot.They can be sharpened easily with the grindhouse or any other eyeliner sharpener.
They are waterproof & have a very impressive staying power.They dont budge an inch all day!They also didn't irritate my eyes.What else can one ask for!
I am looking forward to using these eyeliners and creating beautiful eye make up looks with them.If you buy 8 UD eye liners separately they will cost you $160 but this is a super deal as it was for $59 -
I bought it from AMOR for Rs.4900 on Sale.They normally sell it for Rs.5200.
If you want to buy any of these or any other of the 39 awesome shades that UD has to offer you can always check Sephora or order through the different trustworthy pages that are taking orders.
Currently HASH is taking Sephorah orders.So you may order your wishlist eyeliner through them.
Which is your current favorite eyeliner?
Do you like any of these one from Ocho Loco 2?
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  1. These look so lovely ......i am a sucker for color pencils and liners deep end and ultravoilet !!

  2. oh my really good colors and pigmentation. .

  3. lovely post just wat i needed right now.was thiking whether to buy perversion over my trusty scandaleyes
    do hop on over to my blog and follow- just set it up :)



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