Wednesday, August 6, 2014

~Review:Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Cake Powder~

New product launches are the most exciting thing a beauty blogger can experience.Recently Maybelline NewYork launched a new Face powder.I was sent a sample for review.Its been a while I have used it so I feel like its the right time to review it.
~A few lines about the product~
At Maybelline New York, it’s all about setting the right trends with the best possible formulas; the To Go version of Clear Smooth All in One Cake Powder embraces this: It is the ultimate protecting, perfecting skin shield and is ideal for summer, especially for girls on the go!
Designed to protect, brighten and control oil for flawless, matte skin all day, the Maybelline New York All in One convenient compact Cake Powder  & comes in 6 different shades. 
~What I have to say about the product~
The shade that I got in my mail is 01 Light.As I looked at the shade I had the feeling that it would give me a very chalky look.But on using the powder I was satisfied as it blends into my skin tone and doesn't give me that ghost white face.The packaging of this To-Go version is really light.Its so small,really.I believe it can even fit into your mobile pouch(provided its empty).A small mirror is glued to the round top that I don't think is of any use as its too small to look in.A full size one would have done better.It also comes with a sponge but I never really use a sponge for applying face powder.Its always with a brush.

The experience with the face powder is better than I thought.I primed my face and apply the powder directly without a foundation and still its good enough.I have oily skin and after a couple of hours of make up application I need to freshen up my makeup.Similar is the case with this face powder.After around4 hours I need to reapply my face powder.Though the time it is there it does give me shine free face and a brighter looking tone.
Here is how my face is prior and after using Maybelline's Clear Smooth All in one  face powder

Can you spot the effect the powder gives ne in a few minutes...Yes it conceals the dullness and gives a bright appearance to my face.
This cake powder claims All day Shine control: Yes it does control shine but with continuous applications.
UV protection: Yes SPF !
Fairer Skin:Sudden difference is visible
Conceals:Not majorly
Long wear: Not much
Smoothes: Yes
Evens: Yes
Non comedogenic: I believe Yes,because its very light on the skin and didn't irritate my skin.
Gentle on Skin:Yes
Overall I am fairly impressed by this product.Its worth its price.A must have product for everyday use as its travel and pocket friendly.Ofcourse you would not want to use high end face powders in everyday make up routine.This compact fills in the need of a good budget friendly face powder for daily use.
This TO-GO is available for Rs.250 at Maybelline Counters nationwide whearas the bigger one is for Rs.575.For further details you can vist their Facebook page
What is your favourite face powder?Which one are you currently using?
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  1. I have seen this product many times on makeup counters but never swatched.. thanks for this review

  2. i love this product :) great review

  3. I just wish the packaging was more user friendly! It's a steal for the pricing! :) x



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