Monday, September 29, 2014

~Empties for the Month of September 2014~

As September is coming to an end,I collected my empty or nearly empty products and bring to you my 1st ever Empties of the month post!I have always learned from and read this type of posts by my fellow bloggers so decided to start these myself.

Here are the empty products this month:
~ Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Hydrating Body Lotion
What do you expect of a VS body lotion!Yes great hydration and wonderful relaxing aroma.Loved this product.Bought this at Shams Islamabad

~ Soap & Glory Hand Food
Details Review here
One of the best hand creams I have found in my lifetime

~ Clean & Clear Makeup dissolving foaming cleanser
This was an excellent investment.Bought this product just on instinct and loved it.I used it on such occasions mostly parties/weddings when you are too tired to manually wipe off your make up.Just wash your face with this and your skin is makeup free.I am now on the look out for a similar product as I havent seen this lately in the market.

~ Garnier Daily Energising Gel Scrub
I love products that are fruity and have that citrusy smell.They just freshen me up instantly.This has been one of those face washes.Though I might not buy it again but it was a lovely product.

~ Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
S&G's Righteous Butter....I only wish it hadn't emptied so soon.Next time I ll buy I full size one
Its soft as fur and smooth as silk

~ Freeman Facial Gel Scrub
Freeman is one of my favourite drugstore brand when it comes to skincare.I love their masks,hand and foot products as well as some facial products.I also liked this one due to its fruity fresh raspberry smell.Smells the same as an raspberry popsicle.This used to be in my shower section.I ll have to replace it with something fruity soon enough.
Do you like empties of the month type posts?
Have you used any of these products?
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Polio:A Leap of Faith

Sponsored Video Polio is a preventable disease that affects young children and adults. Leap of Faith seeks to raise awareness of polio and vaccination efforts in Pakistan. Protect your children from polio and other preventable diseases. Your courage will keep them healthy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

~Review & Swatches:Essence Blush Up Blush in Heatwave~

Lately I have become a blush holic.Pretty Pinks and corals can't escape my eyes.I knew I had to have this blush in my collection as soon as I saw it.This is Essence Blush up in "Heatwave".
The packaging in itself is quite decent.It is one of the most pretty blushers in my collection.Due to its transparent box,it looks beautiful as the colors of the sunset can be seen.It would have been a waste really if it would have a non transparent lid!Essence usually comes up with Chic looking products and so this is one of them.It also snaps with a tick,means you can carry it around in your handbag without worrying of damaging it or your bag.This box carries 8 g of product that is pretty much for a blush on.

~A little about the product~
The hair and fashion trend is finally reaching make-up, too! essence is adding a cool and unique blush with a color gradient to the beauty bags of all global girls. the silky, semi-translucent texture with subtle coverage gives your cheeks a gorgeous, fresh look & and the pink to orange color gradient is sure to put you in the mood for springtime!
At a single glance you can see that its not a one color blush but has an ombre effect to it.It moves from two tones to three tones.Orange-Coral-Pink..Yes its a 3 in 1 blush on.Just looking at this lovely thing makes me happy.The finish is matte but when applied together you get that lovely "healthy glow" on your face.
The pigmentation is neither very good nor very bad for this blush on.You may have to pick the color with care.You can use this product for various looks.Either you can apply an orange,pink or a coral blush on or swipe the brush on them horizontally for a mixed effect.I have been using this blush on usually for everyday make up and I noticed that I have to build up the color on my cheeks dabbing the brush lightly onto the blush.I have used the colors individually and together as well & they look pretty both ways.Coral shade has been my favorite this past summers.In autumn I will opt for this lovely orange on the left.
The staying power of the blush on is quite good.It stays for upto 6 hours when used with a face primer.
Here is a swatch on my hand.This is a single swipe without any primer underneath.
From top to bottom
Bright Pink
Hot Orange
A closer view

As you can see in the closer view the blush pigments are loosely scattered.Therefore its a must to blend them carefully.They would look neat and pretty when applied and blended to perfection.If you are a pink or coral blush lover then this beauty is not to be missed.
I bought this from the Essence counter at Al-Fateh Centaurus Mall Islamabad for Rs.720
It can also be ordered online from Just4girls.
For more details visit Essence on facebook .
Do you like Essence products?Which one is your favorite blush?
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

~Review & Swatches: Mac's Candy Yum Yum~

I am a lipstick holic.As much as I was a gloss person years ago.Now I have totally converted into a lipstick lover.Lately there arrived some new lipsticks in my lipstick stash.And today I knew what I had to review.Its none other than the lovely Candy Yum Yum by MAC.
This lipstick has been there on my wishlist for quite some time.Since I entered the beauty blogging field wearing bold colors have been something exciting for me rather than a fear.Reading reviews and seeing swatches of this lipstick on different skin tones guaranteed me that this is the one bright pink shade that looks good on all skin tones no matter what.So I decided to get myself this beauty.And to my astonishment I am so very in love with this one that I am almost forgetting my previous favorite MAC Pink i.e Chatterbox!
This lipstick is now included in Mac's permanent line so you don't have to worry if you want one.You can order it or get it when on a trip abroad.
Its packing is alluring.Comes in the typical Mac lipstick packaging.The shimmering black bullet.
As all MAC lipsticks,this one also has its name written on the base of the bullet.

Though it comes in Matte finish but still its not very dry.Here is a swatch of the lipstick on my hands.
It is as creamy as it appears here on the hands.It goes smoothly on the lips as well.But for that you must have well exfoliated soft lips.Or else the lipstick will appear flaky and the uneven.It is even better to wear a transparent lip balm underneath.
The staying power of Mac lipsticks is amazing.So I was expecting the same from it.Fortunately this baby also didn't disappoint me.This stays on my lips for good 7-8 hours and is even there after I have had a lunch or dinner in between.I only have to reapply it because of the fact that I reapply my lipstick after every eating session when on the go!
Swatch in Yellow Room Light

In bright daylight
Though its a bright pink shade but its great to wear on a regular basis.Any one who is capable of wearing bold shades is bound to rock this one too.It has a light vanilla smell to it that makes me want to eat it.Its creamy,non drying with a great staying power.
Some people think that Mac lipsticks are highly priced but I am of the mind frame that money should be spent on good investments.And ofcourse Mac lipsticks are always great investments as they don't let one down whether pigmentation or staying power.
I bought this lipstick from Shams Islamabad for Rs.2600
For more detail on finding authentic Mac in Islamabad read my this post
Have you been swept away off your feet by this lovely shade yet?
Check out my recent FOTD post where I am wearing Candy Yum Yum.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

~Mid September FOTD~

Last night there was a dinner at a cousin's place.I ended up doing this make up for the evening.I haven't done a FOTD post in a long time.I am thinking of doing that often now.Usually I don't have the time to take pictures after getting ready so it become difficult to do a FOTD post.Anyways here is one !
On the Face:
Smashbox Primer
Revlon's Photoready foundation in Medium Beige ~ REVIEW here

On the Cheeks:
Essence blusher in Blush up
Sleek's blusher in Pomegrente
Mary Loumanizer Highlighter

On the Eyes:
Tightline and Waterline Maybelline Master Drama
Essence Gel Eyeliner Barefoot Through the Moss
Hypnose Drama Mascara ~ REVIEW here
Sweet Touch Lash Boost Mascara~ REVIEW here

On the Lips:
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner PURE
MAC lipstick in CANDY YUM YUM
 One more selfie pic in the end :)
What do you think girls?
Should I do more FOTD posts or are they a waste of time and space ;)
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~REVIEW:Geo Angel Brown Circle lenses from Lens Village~

This is the second time I am reviewing a pair of lenses from Lens Village .These are called the Angel Brown lenses from the brand Geo Medical.
If you want more information about Lens village check out my previous post here:
There is a huge variety of lenses and as always I spent a lot of time choosing what I wanted this time.I went for brown ones this time as usually I want grey ones.
Lenses came packed up in bubble wrap along with a lens container and a cute pouch.There was also an instruction & lens care card.
I always order prescription lenses as non prescription lenses are usless for me.Usually prescription is available for all lenses at Lens village.The prescription is written on top of each glass vial.
I broke the seals and transferred the lenses to the case and filled them up with my regular lens solution.

How pretty they look in the cases
I am totally loving the design of these lenses.The inner circle is surrounded by small lines that make it attractive and noticeable.When I put these lenses on,they merge with the natural brown of my eyes and makes them bigger.They are 14mm in diameter so there is no extraordinary enlargement.They do give the dolly eyed look.

How well the two different browns merge & seems like its the natural eye color.Now this pair is great for daily use.I can wear them anywear due to the fact that they are natural in appearance.
They are extremely comfortable to wear and didn't cause any irritation or dryness.I can wear these for longer periods of 7-8 hours.

Now lets see if these 14.2 mm lenses give that dolly eyed effect to the eyes.I have used circle lenses with 16mm diameter as well.They gave maximum enlargement and doll eyed look.Now these do give the doll eyed look but only minimal.There is not that major change.Thats the reason I am loving these.I can wear them anytime everyday without the fear of looking awkward or strange.These even look good with natural make up.
What do you say
These lenses usually have life span of an year so its very important to dispose them after that time peeiod.Like always I would like to mention again that its extremely important to take care of your lenses while using them.Washing them and the containers before & after use is the basic important point.
These lenses are available with and without prescription both.
They are available for order here for $19.50 
For more details and information log on to Lens village website & Facebook page
They have got great customer care and I always got a prompt reply for any of my queries.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

~Skin care diary of an oily skinned blogger~

If you are my regular reader then you must be knowing that I have oily skin & I must tell you that Oily skin is one of the most problematic ones among normal,combination,dry & sensitive.Taking care of it among the changing weather is extremely important.Summers are the worst as the sweat and humidity make oily skin even more oily and difficult to manage.

Some of the things that I take care of to keep my skin clear is to use oil free products.Be it a morning cleanser,face wash or a moisturizer it has to be oil free so that I keep extra oil of my skin.Managing a good every day skin care routine brings out the good in your skin and it shows.
Eating healthy is also important along with using good products.
If you are lucky and have found the perfect products for skin care then you are lucky.
I keep on changing my skincare products.I love to try new products as well.
I am also on the look out for a good moisturizing day or night cream that keeps my skin oilfree & matte look.
Other natural products that are good for oily skin are
-Tea tree oil
- Aloe vera(contains salicylic acid)



- Honey

-Green Tea

- Lemon juice & Citrus fruits (Vitamin C)

Clay face masks also help a lot.
Using  oil free cosmetics and mineral products is also recommended to oily skinned girls.
Do share with me what products you found best for oily skin and any other helpful tips.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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