Saturday, September 20, 2014

~Review & Swatches: Mac's Candy Yum Yum~

I am a lipstick holic.As much as I was a gloss person years ago.Now I have totally converted into a lipstick lover.Lately there arrived some new lipsticks in my lipstick stash.And today I knew what I had to review.Its none other than the lovely Candy Yum Yum by MAC.
This lipstick has been there on my wishlist for quite some time.Since I entered the beauty blogging field wearing bold colors have been something exciting for me rather than a fear.Reading reviews and seeing swatches of this lipstick on different skin tones guaranteed me that this is the one bright pink shade that looks good on all skin tones no matter what.So I decided to get myself this beauty.And to my astonishment I am so very in love with this one that I am almost forgetting my previous favorite MAC Pink i.e Chatterbox!
This lipstick is now included in Mac's permanent line so you don't have to worry if you want one.You can order it or get it when on a trip abroad.
Its packing is alluring.Comes in the typical Mac lipstick packaging.The shimmering black bullet.
As all MAC lipsticks,this one also has its name written on the base of the bullet.

Though it comes in Matte finish but still its not very dry.Here is a swatch of the lipstick on my hands.
It is as creamy as it appears here on the hands.It goes smoothly on the lips as well.But for that you must have well exfoliated soft lips.Or else the lipstick will appear flaky and the uneven.It is even better to wear a transparent lip balm underneath.
The staying power of Mac lipsticks is amazing.So I was expecting the same from it.Fortunately this baby also didn't disappoint me.This stays on my lips for good 7-8 hours and is even there after I have had a lunch or dinner in between.I only have to reapply it because of the fact that I reapply my lipstick after every eating session when on the go!
Swatch in Yellow Room Light

In bright daylight
Though its a bright pink shade but its great to wear on a regular basis.Any one who is capable of wearing bold shades is bound to rock this one too.It has a light vanilla smell to it that makes me want to eat it.Its creamy,non drying with a great staying power.
Some people think that Mac lipsticks are highly priced but I am of the mind frame that money should be spent on good investments.And ofcourse Mac lipsticks are always great investments as they don't let one down whether pigmentation or staying power.
I bought this lipstick from Shams Islamabad for Rs.2600
For more detail on finding authentic Mac in Islamabad read my this post
Have you been swept away off your feet by this lovely shade yet?
Check out my recent FOTD post where I am wearing Candy Yum Yum.
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  1. Candy yum yum is on my wishlist too, gonna buy it soon :)

  2. woww awesome review and swatches ... its on my mac list :)

  3. Its a daring color but you pull it off with ease. Looks gorgeous on you :)

  4. Soo gorgeous! I love this color on you, its so bold!

  5. stunning <3

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