Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~REVIEW:Geo Angel Brown Circle lenses from Lens Village~

This is the second time I am reviewing a pair of lenses from Lens Village .These are called the Angel Brown lenses from the brand Geo Medical.
If you want more information about Lens village check out my previous post here:
There is a huge variety of lenses and as always I spent a lot of time choosing what I wanted this time.I went for brown ones this time as usually I want grey ones.
Lenses came packed up in bubble wrap along with a lens container and a cute pouch.There was also an instruction & lens care card.
I always order prescription lenses as non prescription lenses are usless for me.Usually prescription is available for all lenses at Lens village.The prescription is written on top of each glass vial.
I broke the seals and transferred the lenses to the case and filled them up with my regular lens solution.

How pretty they look in the cases
I am totally loving the design of these lenses.The inner circle is surrounded by small lines that make it attractive and noticeable.When I put these lenses on,they merge with the natural brown of my eyes and makes them bigger.They are 14mm in diameter so there is no extraordinary enlargement.They do give the dolly eyed look.

How well the two different browns merge & seems like its the natural eye color.Now this pair is great for daily use.I can wear them anywear due to the fact that they are natural in appearance.
They are extremely comfortable to wear and didn't cause any irritation or dryness.I can wear these for longer periods of 7-8 hours.

Now lets see if these 14.2 mm lenses give that dolly eyed effect to the eyes.I have used circle lenses with 16mm diameter as well.They gave maximum enlargement and doll eyed look.Now these do give the doll eyed look but only minimal.There is not that major change.Thats the reason I am loving these.I can wear them anytime everyday without the fear of looking awkward or strange.These even look good with natural make up.
What do you say
These lenses usually have life span of an year so its very important to dispose them after that time peeiod.Like always I would like to mention again that its extremely important to take care of your lenses while using them.Washing them and the containers before & after use is the basic important point.
These lenses are available with and without prescription both.
They are available for order here for $19.50 
For more details and information log on to Lens village website & Facebook page
They have got great customer care and I always got a prompt reply for any of my queries.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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  1. Nice review :) Looking pretty Mashallah :)

  2. they look really nice on you :) thanks for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful brown, Brown lens suits Asian tones better then any other shade.

     sahar blogs

  4. omg. So beautiful! They're the kind of eyes you can drown into lol



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