Wednesday, September 3, 2014

~Skin care diary of an oily skinned blogger~

If you are my regular reader then you must be knowing that I have oily skin & I must tell you that Oily skin is one of the most problematic ones among normal,combination,dry & sensitive.Taking care of it among the changing weather is extremely important.Summers are the worst as the sweat and humidity make oily skin even more oily and difficult to manage.

Some of the things that I take care of to keep my skin clear is to use oil free products.Be it a morning cleanser,face wash or a moisturizer it has to be oil free so that I keep extra oil of my skin.Managing a good every day skin care routine brings out the good in your skin and it shows.
Eating healthy is also important along with using good products.
If you are lucky and have found the perfect products for skin care then you are lucky.
I keep on changing my skincare products.I love to try new products as well.
I am also on the look out for a good moisturizing day or night cream that keeps my skin oilfree & matte look.
Other natural products that are good for oily skin are
-Tea tree oil
- Aloe vera(contains salicylic acid)



- Honey

-Green Tea

- Lemon juice & Citrus fruits (Vitamin C)

Clay face masks also help a lot.
Using  oil free cosmetics and mineral products is also recommended to oily skinned girls.
Do share with me what products you found best for oily skin and any other helpful tips.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
Any comments and questions are welcome
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  1. such a helpful post .. thanks for sharing

  2. I also swear by aloe vera. Its keeps the moisture on skin balanced :)

  3. Such a helpful post for people with oily skinn

  4. Helpful. I don't know why but my skin is allergic to aloe vera, oats is also good for oily skin.



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