Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~Review:L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream~

L'oreal is a brand known to all.Whenever it launches a new product I am looking forward to try it and review it for you all on my blog.L'oreal recently launched a new range called Total 10 & I was sent a sample of its White Perfect day cream for trial and review.This product has been in my use for a month now.I feel like its the perfect time to review it.
The packaging of the sample was lovely.I really appreciate the effort of the team.
It was wrapped in a lovely blue wrapping paper & silky white ribbon.
Opening it up brought back the same joy of receiving something as a surprise.
& Here is the lovely White Perfect
It comes in a white cylindrical pump bottle with a transparent cap on top.The packaging is quite sturdy.Though when you hold it it feels light in your hands.This bottle contains 50ml of product.
The consistency of the product is neither runny nor hard,its very smooth and lotion like.Doesn't spill around or create a mess.The color of the lotion is the lightest tone of lilac.My camera couldn't catch the shade and shows it white in the picture.The scent is also very light notes of lavender.
White Perfect just applied
applied and absorbing 
even toned bright skin
This product claims to provide a total of 10 benefits to the skin thats why its called Total 10 or 10 dimensions.Lets have a look at what it really does and what it doesnt.Five benefits are in the skin whitening range and five are skin protection benefits.
Skin whitening Benefits:
FAIRER SKIN: Not visible in a month but may be with continuous use of 3-4 months
ANTI DARK SPOT:There aren't really many dark spots on my skin so I cant say much about it
EVEN TONE: Yes entirely
Skin Protection Benefits:
ANTI OXIDATION:The presence of Vitamin C,A or beta carotene in creams provides protection against free radical damage.
ANTI POLLUTION:Specially designed and made to keep the pollution away from the skin.Yes it helps.
ANTI OILINESS EFFECT:Yes it keeps my oily skin matte and I am happy with it.Well it is now winters but who aint going to love a matte face.Its the best for oily skin.
ANTI UVA & ANTI UVB:It provides protection UVA & UVB rays that cause pre mature skin aging,eye damages & skin cancers.
My skin is oily and therefore I was looking forward to emphasize the anti oiliness effect.It satisfies me on that note and also gives me added benefits that are important to look for in a daily use cream.I really am satisfied after knowing all the protection elements that are there.Each creams promises fairness but doesn't provide protection against the risks of ozone penetrating layers and pollution.
I would definitely buy this product again.L'oreal once again wins.
This product is priced at Rs.999.Some of you may find the price somewhat expensive but the same rule applies.A little product goes a long way.I assume a 50 ml bottle will definitely last 2-3 months.Thats good enough then.
For more details visit L'oreal on Facebook here
You can find this product at all leading drugstores nationwide.
Have you used any L'oreal skincare product before?
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