Monday, February 23, 2015

~Review:FoodPanda Pakistan Home Delivery Food Service~

Recently home delivery food services are trending a lot.People sometimes find it comforting ordering their favorite foods online and eating it in the warmth and coziness of their own home.Some people are too lazy to go out and eat whereas some only love to go out and eat and hate home deliveries.PS:No thats not me who hates home deliveries Its my hubby !Foodpanda has been the talk of town lately.Specially when you think of considering the options that are available Foodpanda jumps into your mind.
Luckily I was asked by Foodpanda Pakistan to order something from them & review it.Ofcourse my review would be even handed and impartial.
I was waiting for the perfect day to order my lunch.It was a rainy day in Islamabad & I thought it best to browse through the different options available for lunch.As it was my first time with ordering at Foodpanda I had to register with them that hardly took a minute or two as I had to give my email and contact no.Me & my hubby love Mediterranean/Middle eastern food.So I checked out random restaurants that were offering sheesha towk & shawarma stuff with hummus and falafel etc.
3 of the open restaurants were serving at that time.I chose Al Inaab Lebanese Cuisine.I picked Deal 3 out of all the deals and placed my order on the Foodpanda app on my Iphone.


& at once and sms was delivered

I was very impressed by how this app worked.Within minutes and without any telephonic conversation my order was placed and was being prepared.
I waited for an hour but the order didn't arrive.But after 20 more minutes it arrived considering it was a rainy day & the Foodpanda rider must have had some difficulty on the way.Here is the order
All the food packed with care

Here's the food

This was not the first time I ate bad Lebanese Food.The shawarma wasn't upto the mark along with the sheesh towk and the grilled wings.Only the fries,hummus and baba ganoosh were okay.The well known salad Fatoosh was no where near original.Overall I had very bad experience with the food.Would I have ordered through restaurants that I have eaten at or known for good food my experience would have been better.
Thats why its a suggestion to  Foodpanda to only keep & add those restaurants on its panel who make quality food.Though its one of the best options to consider when you are really hungry & don't want to eat homely food.Just reach out for your phone open your foodpanda app and explore the various options.Order,sit back & wait for the door bell.
You can also order through Foodpanda website

Next time I ll definitely not order this restaurant again.Overall Foodpanda is a wonderful way to order something when you are too tired or lazy to go out or when you have some friends at home and you want to order a Pizza in a good deal.
Keep it up Foodpanda.
For more details visit Foodpanda on Facebook here
Android users can download the Foodpanda app here
Apple users can download the Foodpanda app here
Have you ordered at Foodpanda?
How was your experience?
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  1. What a great service and such mouthwatering food. Don't forget to visit my blog. Thanks:)

  2. if you didnt like this dont even try the fatosh at the mall - i disliked it severlyyy lol

  3. Foodpanda is my go to Panda when I want foooood :D
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  4. Such an honest review dear .. Thanks for sharing x

  5. OMG! The food looks SO yum in pictures, such a bummer it wasn't up to your expectations. x

  6. :D Such yummy post. Check my foodpanda review here :

  7. I am feeling so hungry after reading your post :D

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  9. Never had anything tasted like this. Awesome flavour and a new taste for me. Great recipe and I made it exactly the same. Thank you
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