Saturday, February 21, 2015

~Got Acrylic Nails for Wedding Season & Couple of Essie NOTDs:Big Spender,Mink Muffs & Tiny Wine-ey~

This has been a post I have wanted to do for a long time.
I got my first acrylic nails in Dec 2014,just before the wedding season started.
My own nails have been chipping off lately maybe due to certain deficiencies.Actually what happened was one nail grew up & the other day another one chipped off.So I wanted some decent looking nails for the season.Thats when I thought about getting acrylics.
Then one day I headed to this saloon famous for nails.It took me 2 hours to get acrylics for both my hands.There are different type of nails:
One is the gel ones
Secondly acrylics powder and liquid ones.
One kind of acrylic come off after a week ,the other kind stay longer for 2-3 months depending on the use.I got the ones that stay longer as it was my first experience and I really wanted to enjoy them.

Can you see the acrylic nails they start from half way of the actual nail
On the empty half a powder is filled and in end a top coat put on that is heated and hardened under a UV Machine.
And after an Essie nail color the result was better than expected.

Big Spender By Essie

After 1 month I went back to get the refills done i.e the area where the nail grows is filled with some more powder and rest of the nail is buffed and cleaned.
I returned with this Essie shade on my nails

Its a pretty shade called Mink Muffs
 A couple of days ago my sister in law went to the saloon for her refills.She found this red so captivating that she bought it.
Isnt it really gorgeous.

Its called Tiny Wine-ey

I still have to go go for one more refill session.If I get too tired I guess I ll have them removed.I really like the option of getting good nails at any time now.I think if you are too tired taking care of your real nails and still it doesnt work,go for acrylics.Paint them everyday to your heart's content & then when you are tired get them removed.
I think these are best for brides to be.They should get acrylic nails.At least they wouldn't have to worry for 2-3 months.
Have any of you experienced acrylic or gel nails.
How was your experience.
Would love to know.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.
Any comments and questions are welcome
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  1. Beautiful colors! Thank you so much for stopping by and for following! I'm following you back now on ”GFC” (#500) "Maria"
    Keep in touch sweetie! Hope you have a fabulous weekend<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  2. Pretty! red is fabulous color on nails here!

  3. Oh looking sooo coooooolllll, Just want to know, that if you want to remove them, whats the procedure??? as i am damn sure, its fixed and not easily remove na.

    Hugs :)

  4. All the colors look so good! Great post xx

  5. I loveee the chocolate-y shade! My mom hates it when I apply shades like that but they're my fav!

  6. Essie nail colors <3
    Do acrylics hurt areej?

  7. I love your nails! Looks so prettyyy!! Thanks for sharing your experience with acrylics.

  8. lovely nails.that red looks so nice

  9. Nice! Did it irritate in the 2 months time?

  10. Very beautiful.

  11. Big Spender looks stunning! What a nice color <3



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