Saturday, March 28, 2015

~Review:The Body Shop Forbidden Flower Eau de Toilette~

Spring is almost here.Its time to freshen things up!Its time to rearrange the wardrobes,get some new colors into the closet and also time to seek some new fragrance that is perfect for Spring time.Lets check out this gorgeous looking perfume from The Body Shop.

                                     ~THE FORBIDDEN FLOWER BODY RANGE~
The Body Shop presented Smoky Poppy in early 2015, intended for Valentine's Day. The Smoky Poppy collection is inspired by the controversial poppy flower, beautiful, intoxicating and dangerous, and contains extract of hand-picked poppies from Ankara, Turkey. According to Greek mythology, the poppy flower symbolizes love and fertility as well as goddess Demeter.
The fragrance contains an intoxicating, seductive and captivating blend of sultry spices, elegant flowers and earthy-woody tones.
The fragrance is available as 30 ml Eau de Toilette, while the collection also contains the following items: bath bombs, massage oil, shower gel, body scrub, body butter and body lotion.

~What I have to say about the Smoky Poppy~
As the name hints this is something to be explored and felt.Truly its such a perfect name.As soon as you spritz this perfume on yourself you start taking in the different notes captured in this perfume.As its a blend of Turkish poppy flower,spices,floral notes and woods its really difficult to differentiate one note from the other.It takes quite many spritz and experience with the perfume that you start to separate one from the other.
Though its a flowery scent but one can't categorize it as totally girly and floral.Its a deep intriguing perfume as the florals blend with the spices and the woods.The scent lingers on the body for quite some impressive hours.8-9 hours Yes!
Recently I reviewed Red Musk by The Body Shop.If I compare the two I would say that though Red Musk could be Unisex but this perfume is totally feminine as it has that mysterious and seductive quality that the feminine race possesses.
Top Note is Incense and Spices:A melodramatic opening with a blend of spices
Heart Note is the scent from the over ripe poppy flower:changing into a mode of exploration with poppy flower
Base Note is earthy woods:deepens into sensuality and warmth

The packaging  is really simple yet seductive perfect for the Valentine's.The large Red Poppy on teh front makes it easier to be spotted on the shelves and makes it more significant.A plastic made silver cap secures the spritzer.
This can be the perfect gift for a woman be it valentines or any special occasion.I am loving it in my collection as I love flowery and spicy perfumes both.Gift it to your someone special and make her day!
Oh Yes and not to forget this is a Limited Edition Perfume so do not miss it.
Get is as soon as possible because you will not regret buying this little bottle of exotic scents.
This perfume is available only in 30ml bottle.The price for this 30 ml bottle is $14.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

~An Evening Well spent with Roma Azmat,designer at Arorabyroma~

A month ago I went to the Red Musk launch by The Body Shop.A Fashion Show was organized by Constantine PR.A fashion line was introduced on the ramp featuring scandalous themed collection by the brand ARORA.It was a well organized event and eyeing the modern edgy gowns and dresses was worth it.Now a week ago,I was invited on Hi Tea at Roma Azmat's Place,Roma Azmat is the talented,young and beautiful creator behind this fabulous brand ARORA.She has a fashion degree from Florence Italy and its important to mention that she has also been an intern to Vivienne Westwood,known for her outspoken and unconventional style.
It was a highly anticipated event and everything was perfect.I was the first one to reach the designer's abode,it was the place where the Fashion Hi Tea was arranged.Her place was decorated amazingly all by Roma herself.It also reflected her sense of style and imagination.She herself is such a young and sweet lady.I loved her casual style of conversation with all the bloggers which included chit chats about fashion,the current ins and out,the coming trends of the Spring/Summer 2015.

Photo Credits:Ammar's Studio

Najaf The CEO & founder at Constantine PR with the lovely hostess

I asked her how she named her brand ARORA & couple of more questions.She had fashion tips for everyone there.The surprise was that the tea was Italian themed too,the chef being Frankenstein's chef(Now thats a restaurant in Bahria Town)From the Italian Cocktails,to the Tomato Bruschetta,the Fettuccine Alfredo,club sandwiches,chiekcn steak with white sauce,pizza cone & last but not the least the yummy slice of Tiramisu,everything was titillating for our taste buds.

Photo Credits:Ammar's Studio

Next was a small tour to Arora's outlet in our much loved Centaurus Mall.Believe me since the mall is here,life is more complete.We were amazed by Roma's sense of  styling once again as we went through the gowns,the jackets,the bags & the shoes infact everything there was worth having a look at individually.

Photo Credits:Ammar's Studio

Some of my personal favorites from the store

Oh yes another best thing was that the designer had gifts for all the bloggers.

What a beautiful clutch and a beady necklace
Thanks a lot Roma :) U made my day!

It was lovely visitng the outlet with the designer herself.All the ladies from the twin cities head off to her outlet on the 3rd floor of Centaurus mall before its too late as its Sale time at Arora.Yes 50 % Off!
In the end Thanks once again to Constantine PR without whose presence this event would not have been possible.You are the best & most efficient PR agency we have in Islamabad.
For more information find
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PS:Most of the pictures are taken by myself some of them are courtesy of Ammars Studio as mentioned.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

~REVIEW:Klenspop Bunny Color Brown Circle Lenses~

Girls this lenses I am reviewing today is from an online Korean based lenses store called Klenspop.Its not only a lens store but cosmetics and accessories are also available.The lenses I am reviewing today are called Bunny Color Brown Circle lenses.
The store has a huge vareity of lenses and I am sure there is one type for everyone there.I was sent this lovely brown pair to review.
These lenses come packaged up in a cute little box with an animated girl with lenses.Now how perfect is the illustration.As they are packed up in a bubble wrap you don't have to worry at all about any breakage or something.Upon opening the box you find a small ziplock bag containg the two lens vials,the lens case and a small plastic tweezer in case you don't want to use your fingers to pick out the lens from the case etc.
As I always order prescription lenses,I got these in prescription as well.The power of the lens is written on top of the lens vial as you can see in the above picture.
After I broke the seals I transferred them into the lens case and filled them up with my regular lens solution.Its really important to let the lenses soak in the solution for 7-8 hours if its the first time you are using them.Rest of the user and care instructions are written on the cute box in which the lenses arrived.
Lens Info
Diameter: 14mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
These were very comfortable to wear.Usually the first experience tells you how the lenses are.These were very light.No irritation occured at all.I can wear these with any type of liner or mascara and they are ok.The maximum time I am out with these lenses is 8-9 hours in a row.
I am in love with the design of these lenses.It contains an outer darker line with small dark brown lines on the hazel iris.Look at the lower picture and you can see how the hazel brown lens merges with the natural brown of the eye giving it an absolute natural look.Very less make up is applied in this picture taken in natural light so the true color of the lens is captured.
Taken in daylight
Another one in natural light with some eye makeup

In room light

Now here is one with complete face.I did the Snow white make up look using this lenses.I love her natural brown eyes and these lenses were so perfect for the look.

Do you like my Snow white look :)
Ok lets talk a bit about the uniqueness of circle lenses that comes from the diameter and gives a dolly eyed effect to the eyes.These lenses are 14.00 mm and graphic diameter is 13.8 mm that is very natural.Neither very big neither very small.Very natural looking and every one is comfortable with it.I have also used lenses upto 16 mm diameter.
Like nearly all contact/circle lenses these also have a life span.These are not to be used after an year of opening.
The customer service is very efficient and friendly at Klenspop.They reply to the emails promptly and the lenses arrived in less than 2 weeks.
I would recommend this store and these lenses to you if you want comfortable everyday wear contact lenses.I would love to work with the Klenspop team again in the future,
These pair of lenses are available for $13 only.Click here if you want to order these.
Klenspop is on Facebook too!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

~Bloggers Hi Tea with Rejuvenation & Pampering at Passions Salon Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad~

Last weekend me and my pals were invited to A Bloggers Hi Tea & some pampering at Passions Salon that just opened its gates to the diplomats of Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad.We enjoyed lots of pampering ranging from hair cuts to skin treatments & hair treatments.No wonder we enjoyed it all.

Passion Salon was founded in 1992 in Rawalpindi by M. Shahzad Bhatti, a certified cosmotologist with a reputation for artistic excellence in the hairdressing industry. Most recently Passions Salon has expanded their services to Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad.
Passion Salon offers Skin and Hair treatments by the most well known brands including Dermalogica, L’oreal,Wella,Brunowassari,Cholley Isabelle Lancray and Keune.The salon distinguishes itself by donating 10% of every sale made to the Al-Akhyar Foundation & their project called "Mending Hearts".Mending Hearts Project of Al-Akhyar Foundation is successfully changing lives of children suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases. 
M. Shahzad Bhatti

~My Experience at the Salon~
We were welcomed warmly by the founder himself as soon as we entered the Salon.The interior is very chic and different types of lightnings create a lovely atmosphere inside.It was raining cats and dogs that day in our capital and nothing could be better than a hot cup of tea with some yummy snacking.I enjoyed my cup of tea while exploring the different parts of the salon.
The salon has different sections like there is this Hair and Skin Bar where skin consultation takes place and technology like face mapping helps in focusing on the type of treatment different people need.Similar is the case with the hair.Tips and care about how to take care of different type of hair can be gathered from the founder and cosmetologist himself.Me and my fellow bloggers had some great time chatting about skin types,cosmetics and skincare products & regimes.He advised each blogger individually.
Ok now coming to the treatments and pampering we got at the salon.Me & nearly all of my fellow bloggers had hair cuts and skin treatments.The end result was that we all were happy with the treatments and the difference showed in our pictures.

Us during the pampering sessions

As you all know that I have 3b curly hair also called Curly Spirally.It would be hard for you all to believe that I have never had a proper hair cut.Yes I have done U shaped,trimmings  etc but never a proper cut with layers and banks.Since I am not much into oiling and I neglect hair care,I decided to go for a hair cut.But I didnt want very short hair.Usually hair stylists don't understand curly hair and chop off way too much hair.Yes this fear has always been lurking somewhere in my mind that what if the stylist gives me a bob or a wedge!

Me -During the hair cut..Well you can see my expressions 

But Thankfully this sweet lady put so much time and concentration while giving my curly hair some layers.I asked her to give me layers at the front too.The end result with a blow dry was astonishing for me and it was a totally new me.Totally loved my hair cut.
Ta-Daaa what you all say!
After this once in a blue moon type of hair cut I went for a Dermalogica Facial.These products were used for the facial.

And the result was smooth and clean looking skin.
Can you feel the difference!
Overall it was a great day.I appreciate the efforts of the workers and team Of Passions Salon.Once again thanks to ConstantinePR for arranging this event for the Beauty Bloggers of Islamabad.
We also got some fabulous goody bags with samples,presents and discount coupons.
So girls of Islamabad Passions is totally recommended,whether you want skin care or hair care or cuts just go to Passions Salon and I am sure you will never regret it.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

~EOTD : Wet n Wild Color Icon Blue Had Me at Hello~

What could be more fun for a beauty blogger or someone who loves make up so much to do make up look on a cousin on a free day.Now this lady is a person whome I have always been very close to.We both enjoy talking and doing make up equally.In her I have found good company always and time passes very quick when we are together.Its always fun when you are around.
Zara Rabbani You are one lovely n caring lady :)
Okay so we did a look that emphasized the eyes.
You can say that its a FOTD + EOTD.
We used this Wet n Wild Color Icon Shadow Collection called "Blue Had me at Hello"

A closer look at the shades

I personally love this palette for the combo of shades it has.The blues and the turquoise along with the highlighter shades plus the black ones.It is perfect for a black smokey or a blue smokey look.Lets have a look at what I created.

What do you guys say?

& here are some FOTD pictures for you.
For the Face we have used
~Maxfactor Foundation & Powder
~Sleek Blush in Flamingo & Pixie Pink
~TBS highlighter
~Sleek Contour Kit in Medium
~Lipstick Rimmel Kate Moss  Lasting Finish in 106

I totally enjoyed this make up look.
Its a perfect evening party look.
For more make up looks by me,have a look at this Album.
I have also did a couple of  real life Nikah and Mehndi brides here
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

~NOTD: Barry M 302 Fuchsia~

Who doesn't love Pink nail color!
Well I do !
Today I am wearing Barry M's 302 Fuchsia nail paint.
Isnt it just gorgeous.
I am loving it .

Which is your favourite Pink uptil now?
Have you used BarryM shades?
This is my first BarryM nail color & I am loving the texture and applicator brush.
Perfect Pink for upcoming Spring Season...Isnt it.
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