Tuesday, March 24, 2015

~An Evening Well spent with Roma Azmat,designer at Arorabyroma~

A month ago I went to the Red Musk launch by The Body Shop.A Fashion Show was organized by Constantine PR.A fashion line was introduced on the ramp featuring scandalous themed collection by the brand ARORA.It was a well organized event and eyeing the modern edgy gowns and dresses was worth it.Now a week ago,I was invited on Hi Tea at Roma Azmat's Place,Roma Azmat is the talented,young and beautiful creator behind this fabulous brand ARORA.She has a fashion degree from Florence Italy and its important to mention that she has also been an intern to Vivienne Westwood,known for her outspoken and unconventional style.
It was a highly anticipated event and everything was perfect.I was the first one to reach the designer's abode,it was the place where the Fashion Hi Tea was arranged.Her place was decorated amazingly all by Roma herself.It also reflected her sense of style and imagination.She herself is such a young and sweet lady.I loved her casual style of conversation with all the bloggers which included chit chats about fashion,the current ins and out,the coming trends of the Spring/Summer 2015.

Photo Credits:Ammar's Studio

Najaf The CEO & founder at Constantine PR with the lovely hostess

I asked her how she named her brand ARORA & couple of more questions.She had fashion tips for everyone there.The surprise was that the tea was Italian themed too,the chef being Frankenstein's chef(Now thats a restaurant in Bahria Town)From the Italian Cocktails,to the Tomato Bruschetta,the Fettuccine Alfredo,club sandwiches,chiekcn steak with white sauce,pizza cone & last but not the least the yummy slice of Tiramisu,everything was titillating for our taste buds.

Photo Credits:Ammar's Studio

Next was a small tour to Arora's outlet in our much loved Centaurus Mall.Believe me since the mall is here,life is more complete.We were amazed by Roma's sense of  styling once again as we went through the gowns,the jackets,the bags & the shoes infact everything there was worth having a look at individually.

Photo Credits:Ammar's Studio

Some of my personal favorites from the store

Oh yes another best thing was that the designer had gifts for all the bloggers.

What a beautiful clutch and a beady necklace
Thanks a lot Roma :) U made my day!

It was lovely visitng the outlet with the designer herself.All the ladies from the twin cities head off to her outlet on the 3rd floor of Centaurus mall before its too late as its Sale time at Arora.Yes 50 % Off!
In the end Thanks once again to Constantine PR without whose presence this event would not have been possible.You are the best & most efficient PR agency we have in Islamabad.
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PS:Most of the pictures are taken by myself some of them are courtesy of Ammars Studio as mentioned.


  1. pretty.. enjoyed updates at your instagram already :)

  2. Nice place. Products look so classy.



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