Sunday, March 22, 2015

~REVIEW:Klenspop Bunny Color Brown Circle Lenses~

Girls this lenses I am reviewing today is from an online Korean based lenses store called Klenspop.Its not only a lens store but cosmetics and accessories are also available.The lenses I am reviewing today are called Bunny Color Brown Circle lenses.
The store has a huge vareity of lenses and I am sure there is one type for everyone there.I was sent this lovely brown pair to review.
These lenses come packaged up in a cute little box with an animated girl with lenses.Now how perfect is the illustration.As they are packed up in a bubble wrap you don't have to worry at all about any breakage or something.Upon opening the box you find a small ziplock bag containg the two lens vials,the lens case and a small plastic tweezer in case you don't want to use your fingers to pick out the lens from the case etc.
As I always order prescription lenses,I got these in prescription as well.The power of the lens is written on top of the lens vial as you can see in the above picture.
After I broke the seals I transferred them into the lens case and filled them up with my regular lens solution.Its really important to let the lenses soak in the solution for 7-8 hours if its the first time you are using them.Rest of the user and care instructions are written on the cute box in which the lenses arrived.
Lens Info
Diameter: 14mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
These were very comfortable to wear.Usually the first experience tells you how the lenses are.These were very light.No irritation occured at all.I can wear these with any type of liner or mascara and they are ok.The maximum time I am out with these lenses is 8-9 hours in a row.
I am in love with the design of these lenses.It contains an outer darker line with small dark brown lines on the hazel iris.Look at the lower picture and you can see how the hazel brown lens merges with the natural brown of the eye giving it an absolute natural look.Very less make up is applied in this picture taken in natural light so the true color of the lens is captured.
Taken in daylight
Another one in natural light with some eye makeup

In room light

Now here is one with complete face.I did the Snow white make up look using this lenses.I love her natural brown eyes and these lenses were so perfect for the look.

Do you like my Snow white look :)
Ok lets talk a bit about the uniqueness of circle lenses that comes from the diameter and gives a dolly eyed effect to the eyes.These lenses are 14.00 mm and graphic diameter is 13.8 mm that is very natural.Neither very big neither very small.Very natural looking and every one is comfortable with it.I have also used lenses upto 16 mm diameter.
Like nearly all contact/circle lenses these also have a life span.These are not to be used after an year of opening.
The customer service is very efficient and friendly at Klenspop.They reply to the emails promptly and the lenses arrived in less than 2 weeks.
I would recommend this store and these lenses to you if you want comfortable everyday wear contact lenses.I would love to work with the Klenspop team again in the future,
These pair of lenses are available for $13 only.Click here if you want to order these.
Klenspop is on Facebook too!
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  2. They look natural and pretty on you. Good review.

  3. This color looks superb. Can you help me from where to buy these in economical price?
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