Saturday, March 28, 2015

~Review:The Body Shop Forbidden Flower Eau de Toilette~

Spring is almost here.Its time to freshen things up!Its time to rearrange the wardrobes,get some new colors into the closet and also time to seek some new fragrance that is perfect for Spring time.Lets check out this gorgeous looking perfume from The Body Shop.

                                     ~THE FORBIDDEN FLOWER BODY RANGE~
The Body Shop presented Smoky Poppy in early 2015, intended for Valentine's Day. The Smoky Poppy collection is inspired by the controversial poppy flower, beautiful, intoxicating and dangerous, and contains extract of hand-picked poppies from Ankara, Turkey. According to Greek mythology, the poppy flower symbolizes love and fertility as well as goddess Demeter.
The fragrance contains an intoxicating, seductive and captivating blend of sultry spices, elegant flowers and earthy-woody tones.
The fragrance is available as 30 ml Eau de Toilette, while the collection also contains the following items: bath bombs, massage oil, shower gel, body scrub, body butter and body lotion.

~What I have to say about the Smoky Poppy~
As the name hints this is something to be explored and felt.Truly its such a perfect name.As soon as you spritz this perfume on yourself you start taking in the different notes captured in this perfume.As its a blend of Turkish poppy flower,spices,floral notes and woods its really difficult to differentiate one note from the other.It takes quite many spritz and experience with the perfume that you start to separate one from the other.
Though its a flowery scent but one can't categorize it as totally girly and floral.Its a deep intriguing perfume as the florals blend with the spices and the woods.The scent lingers on the body for quite some impressive hours.8-9 hours Yes!
Recently I reviewed Red Musk by The Body Shop.If I compare the two I would say that though Red Musk could be Unisex but this perfume is totally feminine as it has that mysterious and seductive quality that the feminine race possesses.
Top Note is Incense and Spices:A melodramatic opening with a blend of spices
Heart Note is the scent from the over ripe poppy flower:changing into a mode of exploration with poppy flower
Base Note is earthy woods:deepens into sensuality and warmth

The packaging  is really simple yet seductive perfect for the Valentine's.The large Red Poppy on teh front makes it easier to be spotted on the shelves and makes it more significant.A plastic made silver cap secures the spritzer.
This can be the perfect gift for a woman be it valentines or any special occasion.I am loving it in my collection as I love flowery and spicy perfumes both.Gift it to your someone special and make her day!
Oh Yes and not to forget this is a Limited Edition Perfume so do not miss it.
Get is as soon as possible because you will not regret buying this little bottle of exotic scents.
This perfume is available only in 30ml bottle.The price for this 30 ml bottle is $14.
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  1. Hmmm seems like a nice choice for me, I love truly feminine perfumes and the packaging is really pretty. I want to purchase the lip and cheek crayons from this range, I'm not sure if they are launched here in Pakistan or not. Good review.



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