Thursday, April 23, 2015

~My Top Lipstick this Spring/Summer 2015! Yes MAC Flat Out Fabulous~

Winters are long gone and the temperatures are already too high.
I wonder what the real summers would be like here in the capital city.It looks like Winters vanished,spring season skipped and summers are already here.I am talking about my favorite lipstick for spring & summers this year.It was my first MAC lipstick of the year 2015 making a whole 10 of my MAC collection.
It is Flat Out Fabulous from the New Retro Matte Collection.Its described as a bright plum matte.Its a fuchsia shade.
Retro matte is none other than some new lipsticks added into the same Matte line.Yes you can say they are super matte.
As you can see its more of a pink/purple shade,Its very dry in consistency.One can feel the dryness tug at the lips while applying.So one have to apply a lip balm before putting on this lipstick.Once you have applied it carefully lined with a pink lipliner it stays on your lips forever!
It doesn't transfer with food.But due to the usual habit of freshening up my lipstick after dinner I would also freshen this up no matter if its still there.Some habits die hard !
The packaging is same as all usual mac lipsticks.The signature black shiny bullet.The name and finish is printed at the bottom of the bullet.Its scent is also the same as the typical Mac lipsticks.A lovely light vanilla smell.
Here is a comparison swatch between Candy Yum Yum,Flat Out Fabulous & Girl About Town.
Candy Yum Yum is the bright pink whereas Flat out fabulous is the bright plum.Flat out fabulous is the matte version of Girl About Town which is of Amplified Creme version.
Mac has done a great job with this color as it is definitely a beauty in its own.
I have always got compliments whenever I have worn this one.
Sharing some photos of me and Flat Out Fabulous

So Girls what do you say?
Have you got a favorite for the season?
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  1. MashaAllah you look so pretty and the colour is also so cute. Alas! I don't use MAC lipsticks :(

  2. So beautiful Areej.. very nice!

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  3. Such a gorgeous shade, it really suits you!

    Aaliyah |

  4. love your review...the shades looks to good and last but not the least you look so gorgeous.



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