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~[REVIEW]:Lorea'l Excellence Creme Gemstone Collection 6.7 Chocolate Brown~

Its been nearly an year I dyed my hair Ombre with the Loreal Excellence Wild Ombre Hair Kit No.2 at home.I loved my ombre hair.If you want to read my review of Ombre hair click here.Recently I was looking for some other hair dye that would dominate the ombre shade that now only remains at  the half bottom of my hair.Some weeks ago I was asked by this PR company if I would like to try this newly launched Gemstone Collection by Loreal Excellence.I looked upon the shades & said yes to the offer as all the shades were pretty,

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème reveals their Gemstone Collection, inspired by the Rare Andalusite Gemstone. This new range comes in three magnetic Andalusite Brown shades which have been developed with an exclusive mix of cool & warm pigments while providing the signature Excellence Crème triple protection. With inclusive applicator instruments specially designed to create the ultimate Exquisite Browns look from the comfort of one’s home, the collection comes in three distinct shades: 4.3 (Golden Chestnut Brown), 5.3 (Golden Light Brown) and 6.7 (Chocolate Brown).

As the Ambassador of Fashion, L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème has collaborated with master couturier Nomi Ansari to create a bespoke capsule fashion collection to complement the luxury hair brand’s trendsetting new Gemstone Shades. Hair Color & Styling artist Saba Ansari of Sabs Salon, model Amna Babar and photographer Nadir Firoz Khan of NFK Photography also lent their expertise to the photo-shoot of the collection to create a signature L’Oréal Paris ‘beauty meets fashion look’, which will be revealed in print in February 2015. Under its pioneering Ambassador of Fashion vision for L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème, the brand will be introducing additional innovative collaborations with a diversity of brands within fashion and lifestyle in 2015 in an endeavor to further raise the benchmark for excellence in Pakistan’s beauty industry.
“The ‘Ambassador of Fashion’ platform from Excellence Crème is a remarkable way of blending fashion and beauty. We came up with three looks, very sensual and elegant, to complement the Gemstone Collection from Excellence Crème. Certain things we kept in mind – it has to be beautiful, it has to be gorgeous and it has to be very current!” said Nomi Ansari on his collaboration with the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème and the Gemstone collection.
Since I tried the Ombre Hair Kit and dyed my hair ombre at home ,I havent been to any salon for hair dyes or highlights.Yes I did get a hair cut recently from Passion's Salon.Want to see my new hair cut,click here.I always trust Loreal for hair dyes.Yes I did try another brand in between but I hardly got any results with the color.I always love the add on tools that Loreal provides for the hair dyeing process.Along with the usual stuff there is some little additional tool that helps one way or the other and makes the process more easier.
It consists of
~The protective Serum
~The coloring cream
~The developer cream
~The balm
~Pair of gloves
~Comb Brush to apply the color into the roots
& the Instruction Brochure
The shade that I got from the gemstone collection is Chocolate Brown 6.7

I am loving my new hair color.I was really tired of the ombres and the old highlights in my hair.They were getting all mixed up and were giving a worn out look to my hair altogether.After dyeing my hair with Excellence Creme Chocolate Brown shade,now all my hair has a balanced neutral brownish hue.
The process to dye hair is really simple
First have to apply the protective serum to the hair.Leave it for some time.Next mix the coloring and developer creme together .Shake well.Cut off the nosal and start to apply the hair color from the roots ending to the bottom of the hair.The additional comb brush can be used to spread the dye more evenly.
Once all the color is applied.Leave it for minimum of 40 min.This color is from the permanant range so you can expect it to stay for a long time.
After the 40 minutes have passed,apply the balm into your hair and rinse off your hair.
After I rinsed off my hair and let them dry naturally,my hair was super soft and had this natural brown tone to it.This is the most natural of the three shades from the collection.
Here is my overall look with my new hair color.
How natural brown is it!
So girls if you want to get some decent looking hair color for Spring/Summer 2015 this is the shade I would recommend,Its from the permanant range so it will stay there for a satisfying time period.
This hair color is available for Rs.1100 at all leading drugstores nationwide.The price may vary though at some places.
Have you tried any shade from the Excellence Creme range?
For more details visit their Facebook page here:L'oreal Pakistan
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  1. This looks lovely on you! I love to experiment with my hair :D

    Do visit my blog aswell xx

  2. my mom uses the chocolate collection, she really loves those shades. ill ask her to check these out too

  3. I am thinking of changing my hair colour and they sound perfect! x

  4. Great review! My mom loves this!

  5. your curly hair are so much fun!
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  6. Lovely review! I will let my highlights finish first, then will move towards hair dye :p

  7. Your hair looks so beautiful and it shows that they are soft after using that hair dye. Nice post:)

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