Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~The Helping Desk - An Innitiative by Dr.Ozair Khan~

The Helping Desk is a non profit social welfare system founded by Dr.Ozair Khan at the PAKISTAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES.It is an initiative taken to focus on providing immediate help to people.Helping Desk has given a new lead in placing emphasis on patients coming to emergency to help them in every aspect.It is the first set up in PIMS that has improved patient's experiences by providing all kind of help and support.It is an alternate to the emergency room that doesn't require appointments for urgent cases,it provides service all around 24 hours.Besides helping patients ,it has been successful in providing facilities like wheel vhairs,stretchers and other medical equipment that are the ultimate needs of a patient coming to the hospital.
Our dedicated doctors and staff serve the patients in all its ethnic,religious and economic diversity.

They are driven by the mission to help the needy and ease the suffering of patients .Helping Desk collaborates with physicians ,nurses and paramedical staff to establish best practices and implement standardized protocal that ensure our staff deliver the best possible Patient centred care.Morning,evening and night rounds are conducted by doctors to give patients the oppurtunity to talk to the doctors about their health and complaints.we make every possible effort to help people.We work with nurses to improve patient interaction at bedside and encourage patients and their families to take an active role in their care.A training program is also conducted once a week that empowers our staff to attentively listen and address the patient's concern with care,and to learn the emergency skills.

We are passionately committed to our cause and most of all we know the value of every person.
we are moving forward on our journey with the following goals.
~ To establish and maintain a professional and mutually satisfying relationships with patients.
~ To deliver care in a timely manner.
~ To make emergency services available to patients.
~ To improve clinical outcomes of patients.
~ To ensure physical comfort and emotional support.
~ To provide right information at right time.
~ To act urgently on early warning scores.
~ To increase the adoption of all forms of modern electronic equipments and health IT.
To best serve the patients and to identify opportunities for improvement we rely on a number of measures to gather patient feedback.
Our over-riding aim is to ensure we provide effective services to all our patients irrespective of their race,religion or gender & to treat them as they would wish to be treated.
We hope our efforts will inspire and improve the community.

Giving charity is a great deed. In Ramadan, however the prospect of giving charity is heightened immensely as people tend to donate more generously during this month of blessings. The reward for every good deed done during this month is multiplied manifold, which is why Muslims from around the world donate their Zakat graciously to play their part in strengthening the Muslim Ummah. There is an ever-present need for this as well.PLEASE DONATE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE 

For more details visit The Helping Desk Official Facebook Page

Photo Courtesy: The Helping Desk

~P.S:This is not a Paid post~


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