Wednesday, January 13, 2016

~Review:The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette~

Girls here is another review of a perfume from The Body Shop.It is from the line or perfumes that were launched last year in summers.I got to try The Italian Summer Fig.I love fruity smells mostly so I had a positive approach to this perfume too.Lets see what I have to say about it.
Deliciously fruity, our Italian summer fig shouts Italy. Straight from the sunshine coasts of Puglia, this rich, green and juicy fig scent will give you an extra boost of sophistication and class.
Scent your skin with the fresh, fruity fragrance of Italian Summer Fig. Our figs are emblematic of the Puglian coast in Italy – we hand-selected them there, where the sun-baked soils produce them in abundance and with a juicy scent that fills the warm air in summer. We pick them at the height of summer when their aroma is the richest, and create our succulent green scent.
  • Green, juicy fragrance
  • With Community Fair Trade organic alcohol
Layer with other products in the Italian Summer Fig range to build the scent
~What I have to say about the Italian Fig~
Italian Summer Fig is a rich warm perfume.The fact that the figs that have been chosen to make the perfume have been picked right at the top of the summer season give the perfume its warmth and rich aroma.You can not see the ripened figs on a tree but feel them oozing with abundance & richness.All that has been captured in the essence of The Italian Summer Fig EDT.

The bottle itself is a very capturing one.It is almost magical.Feels like there is only one quarter of perfume in the bottle and that effect gives it even more uniqueness.Its actually the lime green shade of the bottle :) It is a sweet fragrance.Many people would say that it is too sweet to be used.But for someone who is quite into fruity smells I wouldn't mind using it on a consecutive basis.It may not be my to go perfume but I am surely not disliking anything about it.
This is a perfume good for the summer seasons.A spritz or two of this perfume refreshes me up & wakes my senses as well.This comes in a 50ml packaging.This is considerable size  to be carried along in a bag.Its staying power is also moderate .A good 4-5 hours.
The fragrance pyramid:
Top notes: Fig,green notes & wine leaves
Middle notes: rose,saffron & floral
Base notes: Oak & Amber
The pyramid for this perfume is quite confusing.The woody notes are the most apparaent along with the fig.
Overall a good & affordable perfume for fruity scent lovers.Its prices at Rs.3990/-
You can also try other scents from the range.
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  1. Love the post .. thank you for sharing dear ♡♡

  2. Nice detailed post :-)

  3. The top notes of this perfume reminds me of CH 212. Being a fan of Carolina Herrera Perfumes, I hope this will be the same fragrance like the 212. Thanks for sharing.



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