Tuesday, February 23, 2016

~Review:Olor Pakistan Range of Deodorants~

Summer is just around the corner.So I think its the best time to introduce some new deodorants in our daily routine.Recently Olor Pakistan introduced new range of deodorants and body sprays.Today I am reviwing all three of them.

The three fragrances that are introduced are
Rosy Raspberry :Raspberry & Vanilla
Glamorous Gold : Lilac & Amber
Vibrant Violet: Iris & Black currant

Overall these deodorants are definitely worth buying as they last a good period of hours.But what is best about these is that they maintain the scent for longer time too.Its not like that you sprayed it and then after some time it isnt there at all.Even as a deodorant it has a great staying power.I love to keep one always in my gym bag as its a necessity for a gym-goer like me.Yes I am going to gym for the past 5 months now.No shame in that-
The concept behind using a deodorant is that it keeps away the perspiration and odour at bay.These deodorants freshen up the body and maintain the hygiene of the body.These are a must have during the long hot days when the sun is at its zenith.And for people who work out and exercise regularly its even more important.
The packaging is equally good too with a cap that stays well in place.Each one represents the scent it has so it is easy to grasp which one you want even in a hurry.It has a very prominent nosal and a press point too.

~Rosy Raspberry~
Raspberry and Vanilla are the main notes of this deodorant.This is the sweetest fragrance of all the three in the range.Its a combination of vanilla and raspberry so definitely its scent is also very strong.Though I really like fruity smells but there are a few that I also think are quite strong.This is one of them.Though its staying power and scent all are great but people who dont like strong smells may not feel good about it.

~Glamorous Gold~
A very unique combo of Amber and Lilac.It has the top notes of lilly and jasmine that is truly floral but the base note is amber that makes it masculine.But as some of us like unisex perfumes this is for both the sexes.This is my second favorite among the three.

~Vibrant Violet~
With notes of Iris and Black Currant this is my top favorite among the three and Yes its currently in my gym bag more than half gone already.Its feminine as its mostly fruity and it freshens me up as soon as I spritz it upon myself.Love the smell of black currant,makes me think of a black currant jam I loved long ago.

Overall these are pretty good deodrants for everyday use.At the price tag of Rs.195 these are very affordable too.I wouldnt mind buying a couple more and adding some spice to my vanity table as well.
For more information visit Olor Pakistan 
These products are available easily at any good departmental store nationwide.
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