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~Review: Du'vi Stockholm Green Tea Face Wash~

Recently we have been seeing some good Scandanavian products in the Pakistani beauty market.A brand that has entered and quickly formed a good repute is Du'vi Stockholm.As is obvious from the name it is a Swedish Natural Skin Care Brand.I recently got two products from the team to try,use and review.One was the Green Tea Face Wash and the other is the Bamboo Scrub.

~A Little Introduction to the Brand Itself~
Du’Vi Stockholm is passionate about developing skin care products with a unique combination of natural and organic ingredients from different parts of the world to give your skin a treatment it truly deserves.
“Transform and nourish your skin with Du’Vi Stockholm”
Each of our product features a combination of active ingredients, with tested results, that caters to specific skin concerns.We follow a holistic and broad approach to solve skin care concerns. Our team thoroughly analyses all aspects of skin care concerns and the external factors that can affect your skin.
~What they have to say about the Green Tea Face Wash~
Green Tea Face Wash effectively removes dirt and impurities without drying your skin. Enriched with a healthy blend of natural ingredients including green tea, aloe vera and olive vegetable extracts, these extracts are known for moisturising and hydrating your skin, as well as reducing the severity of breakouts. Purify your face to reveal a fresh and luminous complexion.
Key Ingredients:
  • Aloe Vera Extract : Known for its moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritant properties.
  • Green Tea Vegetable Extract : Known plant actives : Polyphenols, B and C Vitamins, Mineral Salts, Saponins.
  • Plant properties : Antioxidant and protecting properties against environmental aggressions, anti-inflamma- tory and soothing properties, anti-collagenase properties.
  • Olive Vegetable Extract : This extract, obtained from the leaves of the olive tree, is traditionally known for its anti-free radical and antiseptic properties. The free radicals have an adverse effect on the skin and appear especially during aging as well as in response to environmental stresses.
  • Natural Cleanser complex : Easily biodegradable, this soft cleanser has very good foaming properties, ultra-soft in order not to deteriorate skin barrier function.

~What I have to say about their Green Tea Face Wash~
As soon as I received the products I knew from the packaging that they would be nothing less than satisfying.Simple clean looking tubes that give the aura of a spa product.it has a lid that closes with a click so you know that the tube is now closed.The texture of the Face wash is very gel-ish and will turn almost watery when a little water is added right before use.The small is very faint and light just like an organic product should be.
I have been using this face wash for now some weeks now and I have a very positive feedback on this product.It always gives me a fresher feeling when I use it in the early morning.Its so mild that sometimes I use it again when I want to freshen up later in the day.A little product squeezed on the palm of my hand mixed with a little water.It produces a light white foam when I apply it on my face and after splashing with water at once clean refreshed skin is visible.I have oily skin and I havent had any breakouts yet with its use.

As its written on the tube its for all skin types because its mainly organic.Organic products are mostly all skin type friendly.The key product in this facewash is aloe vera that is the most used natural ingrediant for skin care.It cleanses and replenishes the skin,makes it smoother and visibly clear.Adding more skin friendly ingrediants like green tea leaves and olive oil improves skin condition overall.This facewash thus has anti ageing,anti collagen properties too.It definitely will produce good long term results.I have only used it for couple of weeks now and I am already imagining the long term results.
A little goes a long way!

People who like light smells would love it.Its just like inhaling some vapours from a hot green tea cup.Some people don't like strong scents.Some love fruity smells like me.You may find the prices of Du'vi products a little towards the high end but for if you want noticeable good skin then its always like an investment to buy a good skincare product.
The Du'vi Stockholm Green Tea Facewash is available for Rs.1150 by online order on their website.You can also found Du'vi products at Daraz.pk.
They are also available at Organic Shop DHA, Beautex Salon & Pot Pourri & Esajees(DHA & Gulberg) & The Decent Store Johar Town Lahore. 
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