Tuesday, May 10, 2016

~New Bakery come Cafe O' My Buns Opens up In Islamabad!Food Tasting and Review~

Before I start this post I think its important to mention that you may find yourself craving for some super yummy food at the end of this post.Yes I ll mostly be talking about food and that also food from this newly opened place in Islamabad called O My Buns!I was there for some food tasting with my fellow bloggers and we didnt imagine it would be such a fun filled day.The bloggers meet up and food tasting was organized by HTK Events & PR.
We reached up at the place in a chauffeur driven car along with couple of my blogger buddies.We had a nice welcome and soon we were chatting up with the CEO Salman Niazi and the Event Organizer HTK of HTK Events & PR.
Some good news that came from the CEO was that he claimed that he ll be serving the best Pizzaz and Coffee in Town.We were surprised to know that we were not going to eat a little bit of this and a little bit of that but actual whole order size meals and pizzas were prepared for us.First we were served the Garlic and the Cheesy Bread.
Garlic Bread

Cheesy Bread

Both of the appetizer breads were crispy and fresh but the Cheesy one was the best of the two.I love cheese and have a special attraction to anything made with cheese.So I would give the cheesy bread a Thumbs up!
Next we were to try the Pizza Menu and Four Yummy Pizzas were served and it was difficult to say which one was the best.The Pizzas were Veggie ,Chicken,Beef & Meat Feast!Meat Feast was the best one which had the perfect quantity of meat and cheese together and it hit the taste buds right on spot!
With the Pizzz we were served different bubble slushes and shakes.
The options were Peach,Strawberry,Lychee and Choco.In my opinion the second best was the peach one and the top one was the passion fruit one!
We were so stuffed with pizza that we had to take a break in between to make space for anything else on the menu.We roamed around the place.Toook some lovely pictures together as well.
From L to R:Me ,Nayab Najam of Nayabloves,Fatemah of Whatfatemahsays,Sana of makeupholics & HTK of HTK Events & PR.

Next up from the menu was burgers and sandwiches with tea.
The Club Sandwich
Club Sandwich made with French Bread
Beef burger
Here comes some salad!
The sandwiches were true to taste with super soft bread.The french bread club sandwich was too good.I was too full to try the Burgers though but still they appeared yummy too.

Last but not the least was a Hot cup of refreshing tea!
Overall the food experience at O' My Buns was fantastic.If you are a foodie like me you should definitely go to this place in F-10 Islamabad and order for yourself something good.
We were given goodie bags to take home that contained some yummy treats and some goodies.

Here is the menu for you to look at & pre decide what you want!

For dessert you must try the buns they specialize in.Their chocolate chip bun was too good.
For more details visit their Facebook page!
Oh and yes you can also get Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt for yourself too at O' My Buns
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  1. loved that day. can't wait to use my voucher!

  2. oooooh I am drooling now!

  3. I tried this, and totally loving their bakery stuff... Amazing... will try their pizza soon :)

  4. I am starving and this was a great time to open your blog! :P Haha, sounds so cool! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ



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