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~Review:The Body Shop Vitamin C Enegizing Face Spritz ~

Recently I shared a post with my dear readers narrating how I spent the Mother's Day at The Body Shop.Well it was an exhilarating day for me as we bloggers were gifted a 10,000 PRS voucher to spend at The Body Shop & buy our favorite products.Out of the products that I bought I have been using a couple of them since then and now I guess is the right time to review one of them i.e The Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz.

~A little introduction to the The Body Shop Vitamin C Range~
Deep in the Amazon, one of the world's most potent natural sources of vitamin C can be found: the precious camu camu berry. This tiny yet potent berry grows on the banks of the Amazon and is traditionally harvested by canoe during the rainy season. The camu camu berry has up to 60 times the vitamin C concentration of oranges.
Get Glowing!
 Hello Happy Skin!Give your skin a healthy-looking glow with a boost of moisture from our camu camu-infused Vitamin C range.
~Introduction to The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz~
Give your skin a healthy-looking glow with a boost of moisture from our camu camu-infused Vitamin C range.This portable, handbag-size spritz instantly refreshes the skin and enhances radiance.
Revives the appearance of dull-looking skin.
~My experience and Say about The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Spritz~
Since summer has stepped in recently I found myself a small spray bottle and filled it with rose water to spray on my face whenever I feel down or dull.Therefore when I came across this face spritz at The Body Shop on the Mother's Day ,I thought why not give this product a try.This product comes in a lovely tangy orange plastic bottle that has a spray nozzle and a transparent cap on top.The product is very easy to use as just have to keep at a few centimetres from face and spritz on.
This spritz has two main ingredients Glycerin and Camu Camu that provides moisture and hydration to the skin.This is an amazing product for those with dry skin but is also all type skin friendly.There are certain times in the day when you feel like your skin is not at its best.That is the time to use this product and get the boosting glow and brightness at once.It has a very citrusy scent.It at once provides the skin with moisture.Either you can use it early morning after washing your face or after your face is make up free.If the spray runs down your face lightly dab in onto your skin and let dry naturally.I usually use this product before going to the gym and or after I swim and shower so that my skin feels refreshed and bright.
This is not a toner or a make up fixing spray.Though you may spritz it after you have applied face powder to achieve the natural dewy looking skin.I have currently replaced my rose water spritz with this one.I am loving this product so far.Its a good nourishing product for the skin and can help you maintain soft and gentle skin in the longer term.
Its also very travel friendly.I dont have to worry about the bottle leaking or anything as The Body Shop always maintains quality when t comes to packaging and product design
This product comes in a 100ml bottle.
Do you guys plan to buy this refreshing Vitamin C spray?
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