Saturday, August 13, 2016

~Review:Scoop O' Scrub Organic Body Scrub ~

A couple of  months earlier I was sent some wonderful totally homemade and organic products to try and review.Though I have been continuously using and testing these products I havent been able to review them but finally I am here with the much long due review.
Today the product that I ll review is the Scoop O' Scrub Organic Body Scrub!

A little information about the product itself:

~My thoughts about the product~
The scrub comes in a transparent plastic tub with a cute pink lid on it.The girls behind Scoop O' Scrub have put a lot of effort with the packaging and personalizing it with their style.It really gives the look of a professional homemade product.I love the way they have put their name on it like Scoop Scrub Repeat and the cherry on top is the jute ribbon tied along the jar's lid and the little tag on the side that mentions:

How cute is that!

Yes the creator of this amazing scrub is my namesake too!Areej how lovely!

The texture of the scrub is chunky and granular.Its because its loaded with organic brown sugar combined with organic and essential oils.The combination of sugars and oils is wonderful for rough and dry skin.

Its best to use in the shower too.Only a little amount is good enough to use in a single go.As I always mention.A little goes a long way.Take a little amount of scrub and massage onto your wet skin in circular motions.Rinse off.After using this scrub my skin at once feels moisturized and supple.Its not dry as it was prior to the use of this scrub.I love the smell of brown sugar and oils combined together.Its even good for everyday use.I love using it with a bath brush.I add a little water and scrub onto the bath brush and then apply onto skin specially on the back and knees that are ignored usually.
With continuous use of the scrub the skin texture and tone improves and you can tell that you have been doing some good care for your skin.I really like face and body scrubs and it aint bad to exfoliate a little to remove dead skin and impurities.
This jar contains 200 mg of scrub that is available for Rs.550 & the larger tub that has 400g of scrub is available for Rs.850.There are a few more products available that you guys can order and try.
I recommend this made with love scrub definitely.Its a must have for superb skin.
                                  Please visit Scoop O Scrub for more details.
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  1. looks like a promising product Areejm . I am totally in for organic products and this feels like hitting all the right notes for me. thanks for the review x

  2. Great review. I personally like a bit chunky scrubs for body. That's how you actually get a good scrub.

  3. I am recently getting in scrubs and organic products and this looks really promising!
    Brilliant review.

    1. love scrubs n gel washes too sometimes

  4. so yummy :) good review



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