Thursday, April 27, 2017

~My Visit to the Islamabad Literatry Festival : A giant dose of literature for book lovers ~

Islamabad’s 5th Literature Festival was held in Mid April in Islamabad. The festival featured a line-versup of around 150 leading Pakistani and international authors, academics, journalists and artists along with exhibitions, book fair and a sumptuous food court. The three-day festival was organized by Oxford University Press (OUP).

The inaugural session was attended by the leading journalists, writers, poets, intellectuals and a large number of visitors.

ILF co-founder Asif Farrukhi welcomed the audience to the event and said: “The change in weather was the first thing I noticed. I wish you pleasant evenings over the next few days as we focus on books, literature, social and historical issues. The ILF has now firmly taken root and established itself in the local soil, completely contrary to warnings that Islamabad is barren soil as far as culture is concerned.”

 Many literature lovers thronged the 5th Islamabad Literature Festival on its second day as well marking remarkable success for a large number of interactive sessions, dialogues, performances and literary activities here at a local hotel. According to details, residents of twin cities portrayed their unbiased love not only for literature but for the literary icons belonging to different countries of the world by visiting the capital’s Literature Festival.

Renowned poet Iftikhar Arif praised the ILF organizers for a unique gathering of intellectuals, poets, writers and journalists under a roof to have detailed discussions on a variety of topics including literature, politics and current affairs. Literature could become the major tool to achieve positive societal changes, he further added.
On its last day, ILF also hosted many book launches including Intikhab: Khalida Hussain compiled by Asif Farrukhi, Intikhab: Masood Ashar compiled by Asif Farrukhi, The Aleph Review-Taufiq Rafat: Defining the Pakistani Idiom, Teesra Qadam by Nasira Zuberi and The Corporate Governance Landscape of Pakistan by Sadia Khan, and Kalaam e Aarifaan by Hasan Aziz.

The closing ceremony of ILF was followed by an enthralling dance performance by Shayma Saiyid which was widely acknowledged by the audience. She dedicated her performance to Mashal Khan, a student beaten to death in Mardan. The increasing number of participants in all halls, in the corridors and food-court is testimony to the fact that the ILF is a popular event now.

As I am a book lover and also have a degree in English Literature ,events like these excite and make me happy!As soon as I knew of this literary festival happening in the capital I planned to go with my family.My hubby is also very much into books and all so he was also happy to accompany me.

I had a great time at the mushaira held at the 2nd day.A lot of local poets had gathered and the hall was jam packed with poetry fans.Later I roamed on the different stalls.Had a look at the books,Talked to different organizers and ladies who attended the festival.My 5 year old son enjoyed writing his name on the Big Signing Board put up.It was a very proud of for me.

The people at the US AID stall were generous enough to gift some stories and stationary to my little one that made him so happy and made the concept of literary festival clearer in his mind.I & hubby concluded our visit with buying some books for ourselves.
Overall it was a great nurturing event for those who attended,Such events should never be missed if you are interested in literarture and books.One always learns at such events and is introduced to new horizons.


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