Saturday, May 26, 2018

~Ramadan Special: Iftar Dinner Buffet at Marquee Hall Marriott Islamabad~

Ramadan Mabrook to All of you dear!
The month of spirituality and seeking forgiveness is upon us.This is holy month is the month when we do our best of everything.May ALLAH bless and forgive us all and keep showering his blessings upon us.
During this month we do special preparations for the Suhoors and Iftars.Sometimes we love to do these at home while we sometimes want to go out and try some new place for a change.
These days Islamabad is offering loads of places defining what they serve for Suhoor and Iftar.
Last week I went to Marriott Islamabad with my family to this Iftar Buffet that is taking place every evening during the month of Ramadan.
The whole hall was filled with tons n tons of exquisite looking dishes.Everything was presented and served with effort and passion.
To start with there was a large table that had the usual Ramadan favorites like Samosas, Pakoras, Dahi Bhallay, Channa Chat, Fruit Chat, Rolls and BBQ.

My plate

After iftar you can just move around between the tables and look for something that you would like to eat.To make things easier for myself I met the Executive Chef and asked for guidelines.
There was an exclusive Bread and Soup counter!

There was a Salad & Sushi Bar!

Sushi Bar
Arabic Mezze

Then there was a counter with Raw salad items.You could have your salad the way you want.

Look at these lovely looking pine trees!

The Marshmallow Tree

The Date tree

The Fig Tree
Ok so now coming to the Main Food items!
There was a whole row of Pakistani/Desi dishes like Paye,Nihari.Biryani,Mughlai Murgh,Daal Makhni etc!

Then The Thai lane that included the Garlic rice,Beef curries of various types and Crispy Chicken .

We also had some Arabic Food items and some Chinese Items like Beef Chilli Dry,Szechuan Chicken n Fish with Lemon were really good.
By the time I tried these I was too full!
I wanted to try the Mughlai Murgh and Biryani but was too full to eat!
After all I had to keep some space for the dessert bar too about which the Chef had already said that there were Desserts from atleast 15 countries.
MASHALLAH My little sweet tooth Lover at dessert counter cant decide what to eat!
Passion Fruit & Dragon Fruit all there!

Desi Meetha

That Fruit tart was the Yummiest!
Overall the whole experience of Iftar Buffet was great.I always like the food at Marriott whatever cuisine it is.I believe their chefs are the best!
If you want to enjoy an evening with family or a loved one and taste all these delicacies then why not book yourself a table at Marriott.
Its a great offer at 2900/- per person Inclusive of Tax.
For details check out Marriott Islamabad
Thanks a lot for reading!
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Areej Usman

P.S :This is not a paid or sponsored post

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