Tuesday, July 31, 2018

As the Sun Sets!

Hello Everyone!
As its the summers here and I am enjoying some summer holidays too!
Bit lazy to post!But have been very active travelling and seeing new places on the map of Pakistan!Recently we discovered some unseen places in Pakistan.One of them is the Nilan Bhottu village near Islamabad.Other is the Sirikot waterfall!The journey to Sirikot waterfall from Islamabad was too picturesque.I myself was wondering how and why havent we been here before!

Futher on the way from Sirikot we ended up at Tarbela Dam also called the Tarbela Lake!Its huge!Its the largest earth filled dam in the world i.e 80.5 km long!

While we were cruising on the launch the sun was setting and I have always been attracted to capturing sunsets!How could I miss this one!Isnt it beautiful!

                                                     "I never met a Sunset I did not like"

Actually I wanted to share a video that captured the sunswet but blogger didnt cooperate with me to put it up!
Check out more pix and vids on my Instagram
                          Till Next Time,
                            Take Cares
                                                    Areej Usman

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